Which is Healthier: Quinoa or Krave Chocolate Cereal? What do you believe?

Krave vs Quinoa

You hear about foods being “healthy” all the time.  How can you tell?

With the holiday season and another round of  New Year’s Resolutions fast approaching, EET Fitness believes now is the perfect time to think about your weight, fitness and your relationship with food.

In case you’re just joining us, we started with our review with

Obesity: Cause or Cure? What do you believe?

Today we want to consider what makes food “healthy”

Krave vs Quinoa

Take a look at the above pic showing Quinoa (1 cup serving) and Krave Chocolate cereal nutritional information (click to enlarge).  How would you answer to the following questions:

1) Which food is healthier?

2) Why?

3) What are your 3 keys to deciding how healthy a food is? 

Your answers can help you identify your honest beliefs about weight loss, fitness and how you view food.  Comments welcome.

That’s it for today. 




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