What do you believe “you GOTTA do” for weight loss and fitness?

squeeze inn slide

You know you gotta do something to reach your weight and fitness goals, but what?

With the holiday season and another round of  New Year’s Resolutions fast approaching, EET Fitness believes now is the perfect time to think about your weight, fitness and your relationship with food.

In case you’re just joining us, so far we’ve covered

Obesity: Cause or Cure? What do you believe?

Which is Healthier: Quinoa or Krave Chocolate Cereal? What do you believe?

Today we’ll cover a vital topic —  priorities:

squeeze inn slide

As we sat enjoying our famous Squeeze Inn Cheeseburgers and fries last night at a late dinner, with no exercise or activity in sight, I couldn’t help but wonder how YOU would answer the following question:

What do you believe “you GOTTA do” to reach your weight loss and fitness goals?

Maybe you believe there are a whole bunch of things, maybe you believe it’s just one critical step.  Maybe you haven’t thought about it?

Your answers can help you identify your honest beliefs about weight loss, fitness and how you view food.  Comments welcome.

PS  If you’re not clear on your priorities, write me at eetfit@gmail.com – I’ll share one of my beliefs on a good step to get started–free of charge of course 🙂

disclaimer oct 2012


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