Examples Prove You’re Already On A TIMING Diet – R U Losing Weight?

calendar timing slide

It’s Halloween TIME — You and the kids are allowed to eat candy without GUILT right?  Why??

Today we’ll cover a subject that effects every decision in your life:  TIMING

metabolic timing

Would it influence your eating or exercise decisions if you learn that properly timing  SUGAR around exercise time can offer significant health benefits or would you still treat it as poison? (click to enlarge)

Do you think TIMING controls your hunger, eating decisions or exercise?  

Take this short quiz to help you decide.  Type of Timing is noted in (  ).   

  • Do you crave certain foods at certain TIMES of day?  Pasta and meat sauce when you wake up?  Frosted Flakes at Dinner?  (Daily)
  • Do you have certain times of the day you eat your meals? (Daily Timing)
  • Do you have certain TIMES of day and days of the week you prefer to exercise? (Daily/Weekly)
  • Do you eat or exercise differently during days (TIMES) you are off work or school?  (Weekly)
  • Are you looking forward to candy without guilt for you and your kids at Halloween TIME? (Calendar)
  • Quick, off the top of your head, what will you eat mid afternoon next Thursday?  How about Thanksgiving TIME Thursday? (Calendar)
  • Did taking the TIME to read this post help you learn anything?  (Learning)

What do you think?  Are you already on a Timing Diet?  Ideally, diets help you achieve weight loss and fitness goals. How’s your Timing Diet going?

While this post shows examples of 5 types of Timing  – 4 in the quiz and Metabolic Timing the slide about sugar, EET has identified 7 different types of timing (so far) that have a major influence if not complete control over eating and exercise decisions (at least mine anyhow).  I can use any or all of them to improve my results.  Learning about Timing has helped me develop strategies that have allowed me to lose weight and keep it off, maintain a high level of fitness and eat without restrictions of any sort for OVER 5 YEARS.

I must say that of all the types of timing, I’ve found yo-yo dieters and fitness finatics really underestimate LEARNING timing.  It’s my personal favorite.  In addition to my weight loss and fitness success, Learning Timing is also responsible for stuff like this:

Doug Stops Following Dr. Mercola Tries EET Drops 10 lbs + Triglycerides from 355 to 87 in 30 Days!

Dr Amy Recommends EET (lost 25 lbs) + 1/2 Marathon 

Napa Marathon Completed w/only 5 Training Runs

Mr. EET Lowers Cholesterol 53 pts in 5 WEEKS w/KFC, LONG John Silvers, More

EET Diabetic Diet Trial FINAL RESULTS: A1C DOWN 1-2 pts +Weight Down 50 lbs in 12 weeks!

Did you think I was born knowing how to do these things?  🙂

What could learning more about the 7 types of Timing and how to manage (and ENJOY) them do for your Timing Diet?  If you don’t want to learn now, it’s likely you’ll be more interested around New Year’s Resolution TIME (Calendar). 


In case your just joining us and want to catch up EET Fitness believes now is the perfect time to think about your weight, fitness and your relationship with food.


So far we’ve covered

Obesity: Cause or Cure? What do you believe?

Which is Healthier: Quinoa or Krave Chocolate Cereal? What do you believe?

What do you believe “you GOTTA do” for weight loss and fitness?



disclaimer oct 2012


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