Wanna Lose Weight Fast? Think About TIME FRAME (Like Boxers) First.

wanna lose weight fast

Would you like to lose weight fast?  Be sure to consider TIME FRAME   

 At first I found it hard to understand that losing weight fast is more likely a sign of failure than success on a diet, but once I understood how TIME FRAME effects my goals (and my weight), it all became very clear.  

If my goal is to weigh less for a short time frame, like a boxer making weight, then crash dieting or plans loaded with restrictions and deprivation are great solutions.  Of course boxers who crash diet gain the weight right back and often a lot more,  and so did I during 20 years of deprivation dieting efforts.  But, when I set a weight loss goal that specified a longer time frame, my entire focus shifted to finding a weight loss plan that provided the tools to have the weight off for as long as I want it off.  Maybe when I’m 90, I’ll be okay gaining all my lost weight back and more, but until then, I’d like to make sure my plan is designed to keep that from happening.  

Focusing on the TIME FRAME of “how long” instead of “how fast” is a great place to start.


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