Would You Give A Diet Book For A Christmas Gift?

dr oz diet book

What’s that?  You say you think giving someone you care about a diet book as a gift might be insulting and offend them?    A quick search revealed opinions like this that say it all:

A Diet Gift Is A Gift Of Shame

Interesting.  But, how would you feel about giving them a gift of this book? (click to enlarge):


Does this book offend by saying “you really suck at making desserts, so here’s some help?”  And, while I’m thinking about it, isn’t weight loss supposed to be a good thing that people want?  And, aren’t we supposed to be encouraging people to stop eating the addictive “poison” that is refined sugar?  Yet this book on delectable, sugar laden Caramel that most are sure will cause weight gain is on Food Network’s recommended gift list.  I couldn’t find a diet book there.

Food is one thing, but what about this #1 RATED GIFT IDEA from about.com?   Wouldn’t this recommended gift idea be an inappropriate insult to a friend’s gardening skills? (click to enlarge)

garden books

Anyone else see the problem here?  Probably not, which is why 99+% of all diets fail within 2-5 years, most much sooner than that.  

But, after 5 years of watching people needlessly hate anything and everything about diets,  I am still very committed to seeing this all change.  I know the only way I’ve been able to succeed for OVER 5 years well BELOW my goal weight is by LOVING everything about my diet and having a plan where

book cover photo

It’s Always Time To EET!


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