Hate The Scale? EET Weigh-In TIMING Guideline Ends This Diet Nightmare

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Thanks to all who requested previews of the EET Guidelines from our about-to-be-released book.  Here’s a preview from one of the most requested:

Guideline # 3

  My Scale and Me: BFFs!

We all love getting compliments on how great we look when we’ve lost weight.  Now, imagine a friend who reminds you every day how much weight you’ve gained.  If your friend kept up with the, “Hey, I see you’ve put on another 2 pounds!” it’s a good bet you’d come to hate them, and likely do all you could to avoid them.   I’m convinced this is the exact love-hate relationship between yo-yo dieters and the scale. 

 We love our friend the scale when we’re “on” diets losing weight, and we decide to hate and disown the scale during those times we fall off the wagon.  This hatred lasts until we’re ready to start dieting again and begin yet another yo-yo cycle.  Does this sound like a healthy relationship that can produce long-term success to you?  It became clear to me that “yo-yo weigh ins” were more than a symptom, they were a cause of my yo-yo dieting.    I had to find a way to make the scale my friend whether I was losing or gaining weight.  

I started by seeing what was out there.  Once again, I was shocked at the weight-loss and fitness industry’s answers.  Major diet plans encourage a weekly weigh-in at a public meeting. [98]  This approach rivals my friend announcing my weekly weight gain in the middle of a crowded subway station.  Other programs say to focus on different measures they claim are more important like body fat percentage, body measurements or how my clothes fit. [99]  Great, now when I gain weight yo-yo dieting, I can hate the scale, my body fat percentage, my waist size, and my clothes.  No thanks. 

None of these solutions were any better than Yo-yo Jon’s love-hate relationship.  I could see how they might even be more harmful long-term.  Time for new answers.  My solution came in one simple word:


Think about it.  All crash diets create fast weight loss, but all fail and we gain the weight back.  Were we really on the path to success just because we raced out of the starting blocks?  I realized the weight-loss and fitness journey goes on for a long time. Fast starts have nothing to do with success [6-21] so I don’t have to stress if I don’t see a lot of weight loss quickly.  Instead, I can use the information the scale provides to help me make adjustments as I go.  This means the scale can be helpful whether it’s showing weight loss or weight gain.

 The Only Detox Yo-yo Dieters Need

Detox diets seem all the rage these days.  How long do those diets last again?  A day?  A week?   What then?  Detox does have its place in my EET plan, but it’s not about food.   I’ve “detoxed” my hatred of the scale using a TIMING system for weigh-ins. This five-step system eliminates the competitive mentality that I must see weight loss at every weigh-in in order to be successful long-term.  It’s carefully designed to allow me to get the valuable information the scale provides without attaching stress to the process. Here’s an overview:

 The EET Weigh-In Timing System:


The EET “Weigh-In Timing” System

1                    Two weekly weigh-ins,  one is official.

2                    Plan for successful weigh-ins.

3                    Same scale, same time, same everything.

4                    All weigh-ins are private and optional.

5                    I want to get on the scale as consistently as possible.



Excerpt from EET’s new book , It’s Not What You Eat, It’s When You Eat It (c)  EET Fitness, 2014  all rights reserved

 The rest of the Guideline goes on to detail how each step in the system works.

 The EET Weigh-In Timing System has ended my love-hate yo-yo relationship with the scale and helped me stay on my diet and successfully lose weight for over 5 years.  It’s made the scale my BFF!   


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