Noel, 3 Years Later PICS! Other EET Diet Success Stories Still Out There?


noel 2014


Here’s Noel after 3 years on EET.  He’s still below his goal weight AFTER 3 YEARS.  He’s now a professional model.  Where have all the EET Success Stories gone?

NOTE:  EET’s new book is uploaded–just waiting to see it on Amazon — should be TODAY.

noel before after 2011


“EET works. Period. As nutty as it sounds, eating all your favorite foods at the right times will get you to your goals and further than you ever imagined!” – Noel Blanco, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneuer, Model,  3 year EETer.  Noel blogged his entire weight loss journey with EET HERE.

EET Fitness has a lot of success stories.  LONG-TERM success stories.  The only kind that matter.  As you’ll learn in Guideline #20 of EET’s new book, “Where Do You Want To Be In 5 Years” , the science is clear that years is the benchmark for long term weight loss and fitness success.   

We’ve always known that but, in order to get more clients a few years back, EET was posting dozens of success stories from people losing their last 10 to over 100 pounds.  Then we realized 2 things:

1)  Every diet plan hypes SHORT-TERM success stories    

And yet obesity just keeps chugging away.  

2)  It’s stressful to be a success story

Long-term weight loss is one of the hardest goals to accomplish.  Once you’ve put yourself out there as a weight-loss success story, you feel even more stress to maintain it.  I have no interest in having EET’s amazing clients feel more stress about anything.  Plus,  parading successful EETers in front of the public to motivate you to try EET “because they did it” is a proven recipe for weight gain (Guideline #15  Motivation Can’t and Willpower Won’t).   

Learning EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines is what creates long-term weight loss and THAT’s why you should buy EET’s book, not because someone else has been successful at EET.

EET has barely been around for 5 years, so we stopped the hype about short-term success stories and we’re letting TIME prove just how effective EET truly is.  It’s not helping our sales, but it’s the right thing to do for long-term success and that’s all EET cares about.  

And just for the record:  EET currently has 5 success stories that have kept the weight off  AT OR NEAR THEIR GOAL WEIGHTS for over 5 years (out of our first 6 clients).  Let’s see any other diet plan match that record.  We have several 3 and 4 year success stories as well, including Noel.  We’ll share more long-term updates soon.

One Final Important Note About “Success” on a Diet: 

As long as a dieter stays ONE POUND below where they started their EET plan they should feel incredibly successful.  They are defying science that says the odds of ANY weight loss after 3 years is approximately 1 in 10,000, and after 10 years it’s 1 in 30,000.      This means almost EVERY EETer is successful — that’s the truth based on science so BE HAPPY as long as you’re on your EET plan, EATING AMAZING FOOD GUILT FREE, and doing the best you can and keep learning more about how to make EET work long-term for you.

Special thanks to Noel for agreeing to allow us to post an update about his amazing success.  He’s one of the great all time EETers and is well on his way to long-term success!















One thought on “Noel, 3 Years Later PICS! Other EET Diet Success Stories Still Out There?

  1. Jon,

    Happy Birthday! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you!

    I am impressed with your presentation giving Noel’s story — he is a cool looking model. And your point is notable that his weight gain is not one that he achieved but couldn’t maintain.

    Hope you’re having a birthday that’s one to remember.

    Mom and Dad

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