Timing For Weight Loss: EET $3 Book Today or Give Harvard 5 More Years?

kindle eet book

EET’s New Book, It’s Not What You Eat It’s WHEN You Eat It is now available on Amazon for $2.99.  The first 3 chapters are free to see now using the Look Inside link on Amazon.  Click HERE to go to Amazon and check it out.

In 2013, Harvard released a study that confirmed  WHEN you eat is important for weight loss and improved health.  EET Fitness has been proving the power of timing in the real world for over 5 years – Since 2008.  

You don’t have to wait five more years for Harvard to come up with more “new” revelations about EET.  For $3 and a short time reading (entire book is about 170 pages) you can see how focusing on WHEN you eat and how much you ENJOY it has helped me and other EET Clients use EET Timing to eliminate deprivation and guilt while losing weight and improving our fitness–FOR YEARS.

If you’re an EET Member this book will show you new details showing you specifically how EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines work.  If you’re new to EET, and a diet that lets you eat what you want when you want it sounds too good to be true, this book is a great introduction to show you a completely different way to diet. Basically, it’s not that EET is too good to be true, it’s more like the current weight loss and fitness industry “proven” diet recommendations to “just put down the fork” and “push it” with your exercise are too bad to be true.   Read the book , especially Guideline #1, Guideline #12 and Guideline #25.  You’ll see what science has to say on the subject.  What you believe after that is entirely up to you.

We really would appreciate reader feedback and reviews, so we’re only charging $2.99.  You can’t even buy a Filet-o-Fish for $3 anymore –that’s just nuts- it’s a $2.00 sando at best–but I do love em!  ANYWAY….

We get no information about who buys the book (unless you tell us), so you don’t have to worry about an email box full of spam to buy other EET stuff .   We just want EET’s message heard and hope it helps all dieters–that’s it. Hope you’ll read (and review) the book  — for both our sakes 🙂  Click HERE to go to Amazon for the FREE 3 Chapter Preview or to buy It’s Not What You Eat, It’s WHEN You Eat It. cover art ice cream on side (1)


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