FOOD/RECIPE PICS! What I Eat When It’s Not TIME For Ice Cream, Donuts On My EET Timing Diet

Organic burgers food time july 2013 001

I love these premade Organic Grain-fed Burgers and would eat them if I weren’t dieting — I would eat ALL these foods below if I weren’t dieting — that’s how I always stay on my EET diet!

The Search never ends.  Yesterday I introduced my Yelp R&D Diet to show you some amazing decadent foods I enjoy nearly every day on my EET Plan.  Today’s pics show you foods I LOVE JUST AS MUCH that I eat the rest of the time (lots of veggies not pictured–I eat those ALL the time).  

I want to love EVERY BITE of food I eat (see Guideline #4 from EET’s new book, If I Don’t Enjoy It, I Don’t Eat It).  However, I don’t want to spend a bunch of time cooking and preparing, so I created 5 Minute Meals.  Everything you see below is relatively low in calories, carbs and fats and can be prepared and ready to eat in about 5 minutes (some much less)–even the recipes.  

This is just a small sample of the finds I’ve made (and continue to make!) that are every bit as exciting to me as the decadent foods I eat throughout the week, and the wide variety of foods I love and have available to satisfy me at all times is a great example of what EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines are all about.  

french toast from skillet 001diet sunkist
food time july 2013 225food time july 2013 240food time july 2013 257food time july 2013 265Food Time Late June 2013 sandos 001Food time aug 2013 044Food time aug 2013 017activity and food time aug 2013 006activity and food time aug 2013 007nature valley5 minute meals peetzah and ice cream bar5 minute meals lasagneFood time april 2013 meals 0065 minute meals gyro5 min meals garlic aioli 5 minute meals cole slaw 5 minute meals pnuttlesevergood chicken sausage2013-10-11_0513


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