VIDEO! Father Son Giant Donut Eating Contest #ILoveSupersizing EET Diet !

daniel giant donutLet’s go right to the video highlights!  The 49ers couldn’t get it done, could Mr. EET against his heavily favored son? 


giant donut before after 2014I still got it!  And two more sons – who’s next?? 🙂 

Here’s a preview from EET’s new book with the EET Pain-Free Guideline that makes it all possible:

cover art ice cream on side (1)

Stuff like this is really on my diet — and my clients as well learn more here.

Guideline 22   #ILoveSupersizing  

 Everything in moderation.  The “food police,” comprised of experts in the weight-loss and fitness industry and self-appointed gurus, scream it from the rooftops.  They insist the obesity crisis is a result of our “supersizing” everything. [151]   I say #ILoveSupersizing!   While they see moderation as the cure for obesity, I see it as another red flag for yo-yo dieting which means demanding moderation is part of the cause of the obesity crisis.  My 5-year success story is a result of focusing on incredible satisfaction with portions of all sizes, not forcing myself to struggle using moderation.

The bottom line is no one can define the portions I need at any given meal except me.  Plus, it’s likely the portion sizes that will satisfy me will differ each time I eat.    I guarantee I would weigh 100 pounds more if I tried to force myself to always limit my serving size of ice cream to the size of a hockey puck as the Mayo Clinic recommends [35]. These restrictive, predefined portions “prime the pump.”  They give me just enough to get started but then I’m supposed stop.  Good luck with that once the lid is off the ice cream carton.

There are times I love supersized portions, and if I’m serious about putting an end to yo-yo dieting forever, supersizing must be an option on my EET Plan at all times.   I know I’m not alone in loving supersized portions because restaurants clearly had the demand to justify offering them.  I may, however, be the only dieter left who doesn’t feel like I’m committing a crime for enjoying every supersized bite.  For that guilt and shame, you can thank the food police. 

Eating Less By Supersizing

While it’s true there is evidence a larger serving size will result in a larger portion eaten [151, 153], there is no evidence that eating less of a particular food guarantees or even helps in achieving a lower total caloric intake for the day.  It might actually increase it.  Avoiding supersized portions certainly had that effect on me.  A burger, supersized fries, and a shake for dinner might be enough to get Yo-Yo Jon through the night.  However, since he trusted the food police and downsized to a puny regular-sized fries, he wasn’t fully satisfied.  As a result, he always needed to munch on at least a bag of chips and a Coke for a late night snack.  

Satisfaction, Not Moderation

 The problem has never been supersized portions.  The proof is obvious as supersizing has become evil over the last decade, and this has done exactly nothing to solve the obesity and health crises.  I see the problem as dieters’ inability to successfully manage the supersized portions they love while actively pursuing weight-loss and fitness goals.  This is no shock when you look at plans offered by today’s weight-loss and fitness industry. The food police are so convinced that food is the enemy, they insist a healthy lifestyle with supersized portions is impossible.  They believe the only solution is a lifestyle change of forcing yourself to eliminate all junk food, eat less and, exercise more.  [11, 31]  I’m praying that if you’ve already read 21 EET Guidelines, you are now clear on what has actually been proven impossible.

 The EET Portion-Management System:  No Restrictions, EVER

end of preview….

From It’s Not What You Eat, It’s WHEN You Eat It  (c) 2014  EET Fitness Inc, All rights reserved.

disclaimer oct 2012


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