The Easiest and Happiest Weight Loss Goal EVER — Gain 5 Pounds

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Me and my son enjoying a meal at Phil’s BBQ in San Diego.  

What exactly is your weight loss goal?  More importantly, why do you have this goal?  Are you trying to lose weight to get healthier?   To look better?  Because you feel fat?  I get those reasons, but those goals can only make you happy when you REACH them.  What about the rest of the time?  That’s why I take a different approach.  My only goal in losing weight is:

Can I be just as happy gaining 5 more pounds as I am today? 

Wait. What?!  A weight loss goal to GAIN weight?  That’s right!

Let me explain.  I want to be happy as often as possible, and if my weight loss and fitness efforts are making me miserable, then I’m wasting precious time no matter what the scale reads, or how I look in skinny jeans.   Therefore, I had to find a goal that balanced the two things I deal with more than anything else in my life:

1)  My body — all the time

2) Food – multiple times every day.

My wife,  kids, friends,  job, colleagues, money, activities I love, activities I hate, of course these are all important to my happiness, but they can’t touch the importance of being happy with my body AND food.  The reason is simple:  You can never escape dealing with your body and your need for happiness and satisfaction from food no matter how hard you try (or how much you try to deny their importance either).  

So my weight loss goal is different than those who believe happiness can only come at a certain weight, or a certain body, or a certain level of health.   Think of it this way:  I don’t want to live my life eating like I’m on a cruise ship, and I don’t want to obsess because I think the peak in my bicep may have gone down by 1/4 inch.  

For me it’s all much simpler:  PURSUING HAPPINESS AT ALL TIMES COMES FIRST.  And, as long as I’m cool gaining 5 more pounds, I’m an incredibly happy guy.  

P.S.  With a little help from EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines, it’s possible to find happiness with this weight loss goal TODAY starting from ANY weight!!

disclaimer oct 2012


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