The Power of Being Nice To Yourself For Weight Loss, Fitness & Marathons w/Only 5 Training Runs

marathon_dilly_bar 2010 If you’re serious about accomplishing your weight loss and fitness goals, be nice to yourself – keep your effort PAIN-FREE.

NOTE: Explaining how I ran the 26 Mile Napa Marathon with only 5 training runs offers a clear example of the power of Being Nice To Yourself for weight loss and fitness, so hear me out even if you hate running because that’s not what this post is about.  

Being nice to myself has been my secret to success for over 5 years, and at age 51, I’ve maintained a weight and fitness level beyond my original goals.  I don’t feel guilty about any food choice.  I allow myself to stress eat, and only exercise when I want to.  If I need a huge portion, then that’s exactly what I eat.  See?  I’m really nice to myself!   I’ve helped lots of other folks learn how to be nice to themselves, too.  Many have achieved astounding weight loss and fitness results this way that have lasted for years.  

But, for too many dieters, after years of “experts” insisting they must suffer and starve forever to achieve lasting weight loss and fitness, they simply can’t stop being hard on themselves.  That approach doesn’t work.  They could use a reminder to be nice to themselves using EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines and that’s why EET has a new book.  The Guidelines offer helpful, positive thoughts that are there to encourage long-term success in any eating or exercise situation. 

marathon photo racing

BE NICE EXAMPLE:  How I Ran A Marathon in 5 Training Runs 

I’m sure you’re skeptical, so let’s start with a nice, clear example:  The picture at the top of this post shows me eating a Dairy Queen Dilly Bar right after successfully finishing the 2010 Napa Marathon.  Even though you never need to run a single step to reach your weight loss and fitness goals with EET, you still might find my marathon training approach interesting. Let’s start with the fact I hadn’t done any road running in over 10 years.  The only running I did to prepare for the marathon was a total of five runs over 6 weeks.  In fact, I blogged it all in real time:

Napa Marathon Completed w/only 5 Training Runs 

 Other than that, I just stayed with my normal 5-30 minutes EET Workouts.  I made absolutely no dietary changes whatsoever.  In fact, here’s a pic of me the day before the marathon, having my pre-race maple custard donut: from old iphone 141

Maple custard at the Royal Sweet Bakery — NICE!!

Instead of a strict diet and a miserable 6 months of painful training, my success at running a marathon was based entirely on one simple Pain-Free Guideline:

Uphill is recovery.  Roll downhill.  Glide on level.

That sounds like a pleasant way to run, don’t you think?  Focusing on this Guideline reminded me throughout the race how to handle each type of terrain.   No reminders to “push it” or “suck it up”, just NICE thoughts.  My results?  I ran the entire 26 miles without stopping in just over four hours.  I finished injury-free and recovered quickly.  I went back to my normal exercise routine just two days later.  Here’s the video to prove it.   That’s the power of being nice!

More importantly, four years of being nice later, I still don’t run but I’m still fit enough that I could do it all again.  I won’t though, because I hate road running. 

Not impressed?  I’m an ex-jock or some sort of genetic freak, right?   Since 2010, I’ve taught the same Pain Free approach to 10 EET clients (mostly women, including two doctors, read their stories at, some of whom weren’t exercising at all when they started, and every one of them has completed a half-marathon (one FULL marathon and one 10k) in under 10 training runs.   EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines for running races has a 100% SUCCESS RATE — NICE!

hole stop digging 

First Step In Getting Out Of A Hole:  Stop Digging!

If EET’s Guidelines can make running for hours pain-free, just imagine what being nice about what foods you get to enjoy, and how little you are required to exercise (if at all) can be for dieting, or managing your fitness and health (especially your STRESS levels)! 

The concept really is as easy as it sounds, but it does take some new information and a fresh approach.  EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines can provide both. However, the first step to being nice to yourself is learning to stop being hard on yourself.  It’s important for lasting results to stop beating yourself up mentally, physically and emotionally about your weight or fitness efforts!   If you’re willing to take the time to learn how EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines actually put science on your side, you’ll see how I was able to do it, and help my clients do it, too.   

disclaimer oct 2012


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