What Ice Cream Can Teach You About Obesity, Food Addiction and More – EET Discovery

baskin robbins chocolate chip ice cream

Everyone (but the food police who fear it and try to learn to hate it) screams for Ice Cream, but that’s not exactly what we mean.

I love Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (shown above) and go out of my way to buy it occasionally as a special treat on my EET Plan


I have no desire whatsoever to eat Safeway’s Lucerne Brand Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and never do, even if it’s the only ice cream available and no matter how hungry or how strong my cravings are for chocolate chip ice cream.

thrifty choclate chip ice cream

I love Rite-Aid’s Thrifty Brand Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and eat 1/3-1/2 carton a day 3-5 days a week (okay some days I go with Cotton Candy 🙂 ) !

These 3 ice creams, while all the same chocolate chip flavor and with the same basic ingredients,  couldn’t be more different in the way I crave them and the way I deal with them on my EET plan.   If you really think about it, I bet you could explain several reasons why.  One more for today:

ben and jerrys dark chocolate

This Ben and Jerry’s chocolate flavor doesn’t appeal to me at all.  I would never even want to try it, much less binge on it.

How is all this possible if I’m just a slave to horrible, addictive, processed refined sugar as experts claim it effects my brain like heroin, making me an addict?  

How interesting is it that I’ve worked with 100’s of people, and they all, without exception, can identify their personal preferences for a huge variety of foods, including wanting no part of some brands of the same type of food even though it contains the same basic ingredients that experts claim are “addictive” (refined sugar, chocolate, high glycemic carbs, etc)….

This is a meaningful EET Fitness discovery with powerful implications for your weight loss and fitness efforts.

disclaimer oct 2012


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