The Difference: Diet Using EET Timing vs Willpower & The Chocolate Cake Study

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These folks are WAITING for an hour at Humphrey Slocombe Ice Cream in SF.  How much WILLPOWER does it take to wait for this hour?

Here’s how Guideline 7 Lose Weight While You Wait works.  From EET’s Book It’s Not What You Eat It’s WHEN You Eat It – also see a free preview with the amazing chocolate cake clinical study at the end of this post!

The first skill to work on if you want a diet that allows you to eat the foods you love in the portions you love is to learn to WAIT and never rely on willpower (a scientifically proven failure for weight loss) again!  

WILLPOWER dieting-woman

This dieter is trying to stay on their diet by avoiding delicious cookies they love.  How long will she WAIT before she’s willing to eat cookies again?  I guess FOREVER since it’s not on her diet.   This would take amazing willpower that most of us simply don’t have (if you had it you’d already have succeeded using it!!).

Would she need willpower if she simply waited to eat the cookies ONE HOUR from now?  THAT is how EET Timing Works. We NEVER rely on willpower.  All eating decisions are based on TIMING.   This free preview of Guideline 7 Lose Weight While You Wait from EET’s book “It’s Not What You Eat It’s WHEN You Eat It” gives you more details.  Plus, you’ll learn the power of waiting with weight loss results of a large scale clinical study involving chocolate cake! 

cover art ice cream on side (1)

You can’t give up the foods you crave forever.  However, if you can wait just one extra minute to eat the foods you crave, then it’s possible to learn to wait consistently for one hour, or even one day.  The ability to wait has changed everything about my relationship with food.

We wait for food all the time:

 As kids:  “Joey,  WAIT.  Don’t eat that cake before dinner!”   

 At restaurants:  “Sir, it will be about a 20-minute WAIT before we can seat you.”

 At work:  “Can’t WAIT for lunch today.  We’re going to In-N- Out Burger.”

 I believe that waiting is the greatest innovation in weight loss and fitness.  Why?  Because we all have the ability to wait!   We may not like it, but when the situation calls for it, the success rate is extremely high.  This has been my greatest discovery in my five-year journey.  Waiting taught me I have control over my eating choices. 

 For example, let’s say I’m watching TV late at night.  My son walks in with a meat lover’s pizza.  I don’t want to eat it, but the smell is killing me.   There goes my diet plan, right?  WAIT.  Do I have to eat that pizza now, or could I wait 10 minutes to eat some?  Yes, I can make it 10 minutes.  Could I WAIT 20 minutes?   Now, this may sound crazy, but what if I could wait till tomorrow morning?

 Maybe I can, maybe I can’t.  More importantly, maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t.  Waiting is both a science and an art.  What a powerful tool it is to know waiting can have a huge impact on your cravings and eating decisions.   

 How Long Should I Wait?

EET assumes that you cannot wait forever to eat the foods you love, so we just want the ability to wait for the right time to eat them.  Determining the correct waiting time depends on many variables:  The situation, the food available, and many other circumstances.   The most important thing to remember is no matter where you’re starting from you can dramatically improve your waiting skills.   

 Even starting slowly, I often failed in my early efforts to wait.  But, thanks to EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines, there was no pressure to succeed immediately.  I was learning a new skill which takes time and practice.  Over the last 5 years, my ability to wait has improved tremendously.  One unexpected benefit that’s also helped is enjoying the anticipation of amazing food when you know it’s coming.  Sometimes, the anticipation is even better than the eating, and this helped me create EET’s Deal:


Lose WEIGHT while you WAIT

 for amazing food


EET’s Deal is truly having your cake and eating it, too.   I can wait to eat the cake until it fits into my diet plan and which helps me lose weight.  That’s the way I’ll enjoy it most.  Since 2008, I’ve gone from being a slave to food to enjoying waiting, eating everything I love and reaching my goals for over 5 years!   In 2012, science confirmed the effectiveness of EET’s Deal with what else: Chocolate Cake!

 The Chocolate Cake Diet Study [103] 

Researchers split 193 clinically obese adults into two groups:  Both followed low-carb diets but one group was given a chocolate cake dessert with breakfast each morning.   At week 16 of the 32-week study, both groups averaged 33 lbs of weight loss per person.  But the real story is at Week 32:


The Chocolate Cake Diet Study: 32-Week Results

The group without dessert had regained an average of 22 pounds.  The group with dessert?  They LOST an average of an additional 15 lbs! [103] 


A diet with fewer restrictions along with waiting for a daily “poisonous, addictive, unhealthy” refined sugar treat (specifically “timed” with breakfast, participants had to WAIT for it) producing far better, lasting results than a diet with no poison and more deprivation (more need to use willpower), go figure.  I’ve still got many more revelations about timing for weight loss and fitness to share, but this science should help you understand:   

end of preview….

disclaimer oct 2012


One thought on “The Difference: Diet Using EET Timing vs Willpower & The Chocolate Cake Study

  1. For the first time in years (maybe ever) I actually lost weight over the weekend and the will power to do that was easy. How? I followed the EET timing. Focusing on my vacation in 8 days and how I want to look and feel while I eat and drink all the foods I love. Of course I don’t have willpower to go all week without the foods I love so tomorrow for lunch I am having Dewy’s Pizza. That makes this Monday easy as pie to eat well.

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