Is Grok The Key To Your Weight Loss Goals? Or is Dieter Denial and Popcorn A Better Approach?

grok 5 minute meal card

Grok is a delicious crispy “chip” made of 100% Cheese (click to enlarge)

It’s 8:30 PM and you’re craving your nightly bowl of buttered popcorn.   Sure, it’s a ton of carbs, calories and fat and you would rather stick to your diet, but it’s just not gonna happen.  So you choose “dieter denial”.  This allows you to avoid the guilt as you block out images of getting on the scale in favor of satisfying your cravings and hunger.  Not the greatest weight loss strategy, and it’s a very questionable approach to enjoying food.

But, what if you had Grok nearby?  You could enjoy 25 of these tasty cheese crisps which are moderate in calories, quite a bit lower in fat than most cheese and have exactly ZERO carbs, and you might be satisfied.  Surely on some nights you would be.  

Have you tried Grok?  Have you heard of Grok?  You sure you love food?  Isn’t it worth your time to search out foods like Grok rather than just trying to force yourself not to eat popcorn or just caving in as a slave to your cravings and going into dieter denial because you “love food” so much?  How many Groks are out there for you to enjoy at the right times while you lose weight, just waiting to be discovered?  

disclaimer oct 2012


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