The Magic Ingredient To Mastery of Long Term Weight Loss and Fitness Success

mastery book

In his book Mastery, best selling author Robert Greene explains how EET (and many other skills) work for long term success:

What separates masters from others is often something surprisingly simple.  Whenever we learn a skill, we frequently reach a point of frustration–  what we are learning seems beyond our capabilities….

Many of those who succeed in life have had the experience in their youth of having mastered some skill–a sport or game, a musical instrument, a foreign language, and so on.  Buried in their minds is the sensation fo overcoming their frustrations and entering the cycle of accelerated returns….Filled with trust in the process, they trudge well past the point at which others slow down or mentally quit.   

When it comes to mastering a skill, TIME is the magic ingredient (EET calls this LEARNING TIMING in our book).  Assuming your practice proceeds at a steady level, over days and weeks certain elements of the skill become hardwired.  Slowly, the entire skill becomes internalized , part of your nervous system.  The mind is no longer mired in the details, but can see the larger picture.  

It is a miraculous sensation and practice will lead you to that point, no matter the talent level you are born with.  The only real impediment to this is yourself and your emotions—boredom, panic, frustration, insecurity.  You cannot suprpress such emotions–they are normal to the process and are experienced by everyone, including masters.  

What you can do is have faith in the process.  the boredom will go away once you enter the cycle.  The panic disappears after repeated exposure.  The frustration is a sign of progress–a signal that your mind is processing complexity and requires more practice…Trusting all this will happen, you will allow the natural learning process to move forward, and everything else will fall into place.


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