The ONLY Way Science Taught Me To End Yo-Yo Dieting

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Why do you insist on feeling guilty, defensive and ashamed because you stopped following your limited, restrictive diet and gained a bunch of weight when almost no one else can follow these diets for long?

For years I’ve shown you the scientific proof that produced these conclusions by leading experts:

Fat is Officially Incurable (According To Science).

…”the only effective alternative that we have at present for halting the obesity epidemic is large-scale gastric surgery.”

2009 New England Journal Of Medicine “Ultimate Weight Loss Study” results summarized by Dr. Martin Katjin:

Overwhelming evidence backed by 100’s of studies that all restrictive diets like counting calories or points or restricting food groups, forcing yourself to exercise and, yes, even eliminating carbs at night are guaranteed yo-yo diets.  But do you really need scientific proof?

  • Could you watch the same schedule of TV shows every single day. Forever? 
  • Could you watch your three favorite movies all day every day for years?
  • Could you limit your musical menu to the same short list of songs week after week. Month after month?
  • Could you honestly look at your dieting history?

How then do you propose to put strict limitations on something as powerful as food and portion choices?  The better question is how can you feel defensive and ashamed about not being able to accomplish this nearly impossible (per science) and incredibly bleak and dreary (my opinion) lifestyle?

Yet, DECADES pass and you persist in yo-yoing on and off restrictive diets, abandoning your efforts to manage your weight and fitness for long periods of time (something that’s incredibly important to you) –then rushing back in and obsessing for fast results searching desperately for “something new” to try to finally end this yo-yo nightmare.  Always recommitting.  Always vowing “this time will be different”.  

It never is. 

But, yo-yo dieting and yo-yo exercise is nothing to be ashamed about.  It’s all we’ve been taught.  In fact it’s encouraged!   Cheerleaders scream “you can do it this time!”. While science continues to calmly proclaim “no, you can’t”.  Do you need more decades to get the message?  I don’t and have found a different solution to allow me to hopefully never yo-yo diet again:

My diet has no restrictions and allows me to comfortably gain all the weight I want. 

That’s the diet science told me to follow if I want to end yo -yo dieting. That’s a diet I can happily stay with for years.  That’s a diet I HAVE happily with stayed with for years.  

I’ll explain the details (again) very soon. 

For now, ignore the facts if you must, but please, please stop beating yourselves up for not being able to do something that is nearly impossible (per science) and not worth sacrificing your quality of life for if you could (per me).

disclaimer oct 2012


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