Strategy for a Successful Start on the EET Timing Diet

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What should I eat on the EET (Eating and Exercise Timing) Timing Diet?  How Much?  When should I eat it?  How much should I exercise on EET?  What kind of exercise?  When should I do it?

Remembering AT ALL TIMES you always have goals to manage your weight and fitness is the most important concept EET can teach you.  It takes time to learn how to always stay on your diet “pain-free” and without guilt, so while you are learning EET Step by Step, you can use whatever diet and exercise program you see fit, or none at all.  The choice is entirely yours.    You may be in a hurry to see certain results so feel free to chase them.  Or you might prefer to build a stronger foundation in EET Timing before you make any changes to your eating, exercise and activities.  Either way, you can succeed long-term using EET Timing, so, for now,  just keep your goals in mind and do whatever feels comfortable for you. 

EET is designed to help you achieve results that will last for many years, so you can consider your current diet and exercise efforts a “rehearsal”.  This can be the time where you can learn what could work for you as part of a long-term EET Timing Plan.   Over the coming weeks and months learning EET’s Guidelines you’ll discover how to adjust your current efforts to build an effective EET Timing Plan you WANT to always stay on and this will give you the best possible chance at long-term weight and fitness success!

disclaimer oct 2012


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