Ignoring Your Diet? Weight? Fitness? Good Luck With That!

talk to the hand

Weigh-ins and mirrors and tight clothes oh my!!   I know, I know, you don’t want to hear about it.

I used to feel that way, too, until EET Timing taught me one simple concept (click to enlarge):

ups and downs weight EET

Weight gain times are going to happen, that is a fact.  I can either make these times part of my diet and include them in my goals or I can yo-yo diet and pretend I don’t care every time I gain weight.  For me, the pretending always led to a yo-yo approach that resulted in weeks or months of nothing but weight GAIN time.  However, my goals for weight loss and fitness can’t be completely ignored (hard as I may have tried!), for many reasons, including:

Weigh-ins and mirrors and tight clothes, oh my!

The bottom line when it comes to your weight and fitness is this:  trying to follow the guideline “ignorance is bliss” when you’re “off a diet” is impossible because your body simply cannot be ignored for very long.  The same is true during weight LOSS times: amazing food simply cannot be ignored for very long, so expecting to lose weight at all times on a diet is just as impossible.    The EET Timing Diet recognizes this reality and built a plan dieters could follow during all the ups and downs of life by choosing a very different first Guideline that can be followed at ALL TIMES: 

Yo-yo must go

Read more about this EET Guideline and others on Amazon for FREE HERE:



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