Specific EET Timing Menus For Weight Loss, Fitness, Food!

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I want to show you exactly how The EET Timing Diet Works.  The same diet I’ve helped many people use successfully for upwards of 5+ years now.  I’ll be giving you everything you need to understand EET, but years of experience tells me there is likely to be a problem.  

Dieters will continue to want EET to tell them what, how much and when to eat, and how much and when to exercise.  EET doesn’t work like that.  Interestingly, all other diets try to tell you what, how much to eat and how much to exercise and when to do it and they don’t work AT ALL after 2-5 years.  Maybe it’s time to try something different?

 EET is a TIMING DIET, not a specific food or exercise plan.  You get to choose what to eat, you choose the portions and you choose when to eat it,  EET just shows you a whole bunch of timing options (WHEN to consider doing what it is you choose to do) and gives you Guidelines to help you succeed.   I cover this in my blog post from a few days ago but please read the slide below (click to enlarge) and then, starting with my next blog post, I’m going to break down EET Timing Menus for you, Step by Step with examples and you can start to see how EET timing REALLY works.  More VERY soon…. 

what should I eat



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