Burn Fat DAILY Using Eating Timing Not Exercise – Here’s How

eet daily menu fat burning time

How to burn Fat DAILY.  Wake up, walk to the kitchen and sit down with the paper and a cup of coffee or tea.   Grab a shower and brush your teeth. Congrats!   You’re burning fat.  Welcome to EET Fat Burning Time.   That’s right, you are burning lots of fat just doing the things you always do courtesy of eating TIMING.  (click to enlarge the EET Daily Timing Menu above)

How you ask?    Basic metabolic science.

Your body survives burning 3 types of energy: carbohydrates (fast energy) fats and proteins (slower energy).   If you don’t eat carbs at breakfast time, in order to provide the energy to take a shower, your body will have little choice but to use either stored fat or protein.  There is a lot of scientific evidence that shows your body will choose to burn mostly fat during this time without carbs getting in the way  (see bibliography for multiple studies).  And what better name for this glorious time than EET DAILY Fat Burning Time! 

You don’t need to do one bit of exercise in the period after you wake up to enjoy EET Fat Burning Time.  And you are not limited to or required to drink coffee or tea either — As the EET Daily Timing Menu above shows, you just to do one simple thing

Delay eating carbs. 

daily timing delay eating carbs

Metabolically, If you eat carbs for breakfast they will be in your bloodstream in minutes providing fast energy.  Your body will choose to burn the new easy to access carb energy and stop tapping into your stored fat.  Buh-bye fat burning time!   Don’t misunderstand, EETers will eat plenty of carbs each day we just TIME them by waiting to eat them.  By timing our carbs we maximize fat burning time whenever possible.  

But, what if you love your high carb fruit smoothie or  cereal when you wake up?  EET says enjoy your choice of eating timing but you’ll have to work harder to create fat burning time later in the day.

What if you prefer exercising at the crack of dawn?  “Getting your exercise out of the way” as many dieters put it.  EET says that can work too, but just know it’s not required to enjoy Fat Burning Time.  You’ll also want to carefully select what type of exercise you’re doing to maximize the metabolic effectiveness and to minimize your risk of injury.   

Still think eating timing doesn’t matter?  We’ll explain EET Transformation Time next and see if that can transform your thinking.



disclaimer oct 2012


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