Carb Timing Sample Menus For Fat Loss Transformation Time – Ice Cream, Cheesecake, more!

transformation time physical defined

Here’s how to achieve a LASTING fat-loss transformation using EET Daily Timing Menus.  

EETers can get into Transformation Time (or “optimal fat loss time” if that makes it more clear) DAILY using Eating Timing.  We don’t even need to exercise.  We simply time our carbs through the use of EET Timing Menus.  Here’s a quick example (click to enlarge):

transformation time physical

There you have it.  Simply stay reasonably active and phase down your carbs later in the day, and you’ll probably have no carbs in your blood stream by late night or bed time — Hello body using fat for energy all night while you sleep.  Hello EET Transformation Time!   The exciting part for dieters is this Carb Timing Menu can be repeated daily, and no exercise is required.

 How effective is this use of Eating Timing?  Hundreds of EETers have lost weight this way. Some very quickly.  In fact, some EETers have lost 30 pounds or more in just 90 days eating food without restriction and little to no exercise largely due to EET Transformation Time.  

BUT, as great as that sounds, please keep reading if you want to understand why EET teaches that transformations must be more than physical if they are going to be LASTING:

fat loss transformation BOTH


30+ pounds of weight loss in 90 days (mostly fat) just using EET Timing is great — especially with no calorie counting, portion control. forbidden foods or required exercise.  However, focusing on the fast results misses the point of EET entirely.  Remember, EET is after a LASTING fat-loss transformation.  Science tells us losing weight and keeping it off 5 years or more is merely a good start.  You can tell if you’re on the right track if you can consistently do this: 

 transformation time mental defined

To dieters who think diets must be painful, it may sound like an impossible task to eliminate deprivation and struggling at all times, but it’s not with practice and good tools, and that’s where EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines come in.  Here’s a sample Timing Menu to illustrate:

  transformattion time mental exampleOn this menu I’ve applied the following EET TIMING Guidelines:

# 4   Don’t Enjoy It?  Don’t Eat It  — not a single food on my menu I don’t enjoy–especially at the right times

#7  Lose Weight While You Wait  –Cheesecake for lunch today and knowing I simply have to wait for ice cream tomorrow at lunch in order to burn fat tonight make low carb dinners very comfortable most of the time

#8  It’s Not What You Eat It’s WHEN You Eat It  –Daily, Weekly and Metabolic Timing are all mapped out on this menu

#19  Eat Carbs All Day, The Fat Won’t Burn Away  – Carb Timing is essential for EET Transformation Time

Timing Menus based on EET’s Guidelines have kept me on my diet, consistently fit, injury and illness free and under my goal weight for over 6 years.  I still create menus for transformation times every week  (in my head mostly, written down occasionally), and I still find it exciting when I’ve create a successful menu and see physical results.   More importantly, I’ve also dramatically changed my thinking.  I now consistently use positive solutions based on TIMING that have kept me on EET for years.   When I compare this approach to “Yo-yo Jon’s” diet solutions that always involved struggling and sacrifice, never worked for long and always ended in weight gain, I  understand what EET Transformation Time for lasting transformations is truly all about.



disclaimer oct 2012


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