5 Science Backed Reasons To Hate and Avoid The Paleo / Slow Carb Diet For Weight Loss, Fitness

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The science of Nutrient Timing provides the #1 reason to avoid the Paleo and Slow Carb Diet.  That’s saying something because the other 4 reasons are really strong!

Reason #5 Archeological science says you’re not eating the diet of ancient paleo man. In other words. The entire diet is built on a faulty premise. 

EET covered that here:

 Easter Bunny / Paleo Diet MYTHS per Harvard Dr. PhD  or you check these out

 Debunking the paleo diet: Christina Warinner at TEDxOU

Why the Paleo Diet Is Half-Baked – Scientific American

Reason #4 Behavioral Science provides overwhelming evidence that modern day humans enjoy our decadent foods and technologically convenient lifestyle (also known as delicious fast food).   Therefore Paleo / Slow Carb harms quality of life.

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No studies needed here, just look around.  Asking Americans to go Paleo is no different than asking them to give up watching TV or their cell phones.  It can be done but why?  Does it really make sense for overall quality of life?  Same goes for food choices.  Even if you could sustain the tedious preparation to create bland  paleo cookies and paleo pizza in the hopes of losing  weight or becoming more fit (and, as you’ll see in #3 and #2 below, science says these are no more than hopes with Paleo or Slow Carb) it seems a horrible trade of daily quality of life to increase daily hassles and settle for worse tasting food in exchange for a slimmer waistline. 

Reason #3  The nutrition and health science community offers virtually no support for the Paleo / Slow Carb diet.   

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Granted, this is the same community that recommends so many other diet and exercise plans that have been proven failues and cause weight gain over time, but that’s besides the point as we are focused on Paleo/Slow Carb here.  You can do the research on this one yourself.  Here, I’ll get you started:

“Likewise, U.S. News, in its 2014 rankings of “Best Diets Overall,” announced that the Paleo diet was at the very bottom, tied at No. 31 with the Dukan diet. “Experts took issue with the diet on every measure,” the magazine scolded.”

                     — from Time Magazine January 2014

 Reason #2  The science of obesity studies says you can’t sustain the paleo / slow carb diet and will end up heavier and less fit for having tried these diets in 2-5 years.  

katan quote obesity

To prove this to yourself, just take your pick from hundreds of studies in the bibliography of EET’s Book  or

Read this and about 500 other EET blog posts citing clinical studies   that prove the unsustainabiity of diets that require restrictions on food groups or portions  


Read these articles from JUNE 2014:

Obesity research confirms long-term weight loss almost impossible

long-term weight loss almost impossible | MyFitnessPal.com (guess you can delete that fitness app! 🙂

or you can learn the same way I learned over 5 years ago by reading this study from the 2009 New England Journal of Medicine:

Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets with Different Compositions of Fat, Protein, and Carbohydrates


Just ask yourself why a reknowned Obesity specialist would be quoted in the editorial to the 2009 study as follows:

“the only effective alternative that we have at present for halting the obesity epidemic is large-scale gastric surgery.”

                                  Weight-Loss Diets for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity – Editorial    Martijn B. Katan, Ph.D.

And, finally, the #1 Science-backed reason to avoid the Paleo / Slow Carb Diet — and the main reason this blog post relates to EET Timing:

#1  The Science of Nutrient Timing proves the Paleo / Slow Carb Diet’s main premise, to suppress the hormone insulin, is unnecessary for weight loss and fitness and, at times, could even be unhealthy.

metabolic timing

Paleo style diets require the complete elimination of all high glycemic carbs like refined sugar in order to avoid insulin spikes which can AT TIMES encourage fat storage.  Of course many of these plans then suggest you can still eat these foods by “cheating” or using binge like “cheat days” which only makes things worse by creating massive guilt and horrible associations that create a love/hate relationship with these foods, but that’s a different discussion for a different day.

 All requirements to eliminate food groups and suppress insulin at all times is completely unnecessary (if it were even possible to sustain) as the Science of Nutrient Timing shows that there are times when insulin production should be encouraged:

….”While it’s true that high levels of insulin promote fat synthesis, they do not necessarily do so in all circumstances.  Insulin is just as effective at promoting carbohydrate fuel storage and muscle protein synthesis….muscle cells are especially insulin sensitive after exercise….at this time insulin will help synthesize muscle proteins and muscle glycogen at a very rapid rate….Insulin also suppresses cortisol release which may help maintain immune function….”

                           —- From the book Nutrient Timing, John Ivy, Phd

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Insulin is the not the problem when it comes to weight loss and fitness, neither is refined sugar or other high glycemic foods that create an increase in the release of insulin.  In fact, there’s a good chance you are harming your weight and fitness efforts if you don’t create enough insulin at the appropriate times.   The problem is bad eating and exercise TIMING!

And that is what The (EET) Eating and Exercise Timing Fitness Plan is built to help dieters improve for LASTING weight loss, fitness, and quality of life.  

Next Up:  More on Exercise Timing.


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