Lose 50, 25 or 10 Lbs in 12 Months EET Calendar Timing Menus

calendar timing 50 lbsBelow are detailed Calendar Timing Menus to lose 50, 25 or 10 lbs using The EET Timing Diet.    Can a simple calendar help you lose weight?  Well, one things for sure, without a good calendar menu, it’s certainly causing you to GAIN weight (think “holiday season”).  So let’s take a look at how EET Timing taps into one of the most powerful timing tools of them all:

calendar timing 50 lbs

KEYS for 50 lb weight loss menu:  The EET Calender Timing Menu for 50 lbs of weight loss shows 2 months of weight gain.  Staying with your EET Timing plan at all times and minimizing the damage during those months where weight gain is likely will be key to reaching the 50 lb weight loss goal.    Next, we’ll look at a 25 lb menu.

calendar timing 25 lbs

KEYS:  The EET Calender Timing Menu for 25 lbs of weight loss is not simply half the numbers on the 50 lb weight loss menu.  While there are still 2 months for weight gain, 20 of the 25 lbs lost is accomplished by May.  This allows the EETer to gain just as much weight during vacation and holidays as an EETer using a 50 lb menu.  Why?  Because dieters who love amazing food tend to overdo weight gain and underdo weight loss, so we build that into their calendar!!   This also explains why we set the menu up to lose up to 29 pounds (4 more than needed), so holiday EETing can be enjoyed with minimal guilt and worry (EET calls it PAIN FREE dieting)– it’s all part of the EET Calender timing plan.    Finally, check out a 10 lb weight loss EET Calendar:  

calendar timing 10 lbs

KEYS:  The EET Calender Timing Menu for 10 lbs of weight loss has significant differences from menus for higher weight loss.  For various reasons, there are now 4 months for weight gain and the target weight loss gets as high as 16 pounds to create a lot of flexibility in eating and exercise choices during months where weight gain is likely. Again, building a calendar that accepts that dieters tend to overdo the weight gain months can really reduce stress which also increases the chances of success for any weight loss!     

ONE MORE IMPORTANT NOTE:  All Calendar Timing Menus are tailored and regularly adjusted to fit the lifestyle the EETer wants to lead while they lose weight!  For example, if they want to go Whale Watching in Maui in February 🙂 they simply adjust their Timing Calendar accordingly!

The EET Fitness Plan changes dieter’s entire focus to one thing:  TIMING.  The calendar is just one of many types of timing that EET has successfully used to changed dieters thinking about weight loss and fitness.  

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