Lose 8 lbs in September on the EET Timing Diet? YES! Here’s the Weekly Menu

weekly weight loss septHere’s a Weekly Timing Menu for 8 pounds of weight loss in September.  Why 8 Pounds?  Yesterday, I showed you an EET Calendar Timing Menu to lose 50 lbs in 12 months.  September called for 8 pounds of weight loss, and the above Weekly Timing Menu breaks that down to Weekly targets of how to get there.  Notice:

Yearly target = TIME

Calendar/Monthly target = TIME

Weekly target = TIME

You keep thinking EET’s menu’s should tell you what and how much to eat to meet these targets — that’s not how EET or long- term weight loss works.  That’s a FOOD diet, and as soon as we tell you to stop eating some food or some portion you love, or force you to limit yourself to certain foods you will come to hate–science says you’re not gonna stay with it–so EET will never restrict or try to control your food choices–we want you to succeed!

EET is a TIMING DIET, so we help you manage your TIMING!  Think about it.  Does it really matter what you eat, or how you exercise if your goal is weight loss and you meet weight targets on time?  NO.  (Again, this does not account for nutritional and fitness issues which are every bit as important as weight loss–we’ll cover that in future posts– right now we’re focused on weight loss menus).

But, once you have your weight loss targets defined by TIME, it becomes a lot easier to make eating and exercise choices to reach those targets in that amount of time.

If you were using these EET Timing Menus and decided to TIME 8 Pounds of weight loss in September, and you see on your Weekly Menu the target is to lose 5 pounds, can you start to visualize what sort of eating, exercise and activity you might do to reach that weekly target?  Does it involve a lot of struggling, sacrifice and painful exercise? 

More importantly, can you visualize a specific menu of foods, exercise and activity to reach your weight loss targets AND BE COMFORTABLE on that diet at all times?  Learning and applying EET’s Timing Guidelines, you can.

calendar timing 50 lbs

disclaimer oct 2012


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