Power of TIMED Daily Diet Mountain Dew = 5 Lbs Weight Loss in 1 Week on EET Timing Diet – Here’s How

mountain dew pic

Below is a successful specific example of how Timing Menus Turn into Food and Exercise Menus that turn into weight loss on The EET Timing Diet!

Let’s say my Daily Timing Menu calls for me to lose 5 pounds this week – on The EET Timing Diet that might look like this – notice the menu calls for 5 out of 8 days of weight loss this week (I weigh-in after 8 days–that’s an EET week — gives me an extra day to meet the goal, enjoy my weekends more and improves the odds of success!):  

weekly timing menu 5 lbs

 You can review EET Weekly and Calendar Timing Menus here and here

My “go to” approach for weight loss days almost always includes very low carb meals for dinner.  This could be a big challenge:  Very low carb meals can suck when you love eating carbs every day as much as I do, and if I use willpower, motivation and discipline to eat sucky meals I don’t like, my experience (and science) proves I won’t stay with that diet for long.  Therefore on the EET Timing Diet, struggling to succeed is not an option.  I MUST BE COMFORTABLE ON MY DIET AT ALL TIMES.  

And there’s where the TIMED Diet Mountain Dew comes into play:

mountain dew pic

I enjoy Diet Mountain Dew a lot.  Almost as much as my all-time fav Coke Slurpee.  Recently, I realized that if I pour icy cold Mountain Dew into a chilled glass over ice, it freezes up, kind of like a slurpee.  Add to this the fact that Diet Mountain Dew has no carbs (vs the mega-carbs in a coke slurpee), calories or fat and I knew I had found an exciting solution for my very low carb dinners – no suffering required!  

Diet Mountain Dew prepared this very special way has now become an incredible treat to me, but only when eaten at the correct time as part of my weekly plan’s very low carb dinners!  I NEVER drink my “Mountain Dew on the rocks with a lemon twist” any other time.  I want to keep looking forward to it helping me execute my Daily Timing Menu and create weight loss!  

RESULT FOR THE WEEK:  5 pounds of weight loss — delivered as planned!

Daily menu example w foods

Above is a sample Daily Timing Menu of timed food, exercise and activity for for weight loss.  Over 6+ years I’ve developed huge variety in these menus (see footnote at end of post for more) but this is a good current example.  My Timing Menus have turned into specific foods, exercise and activity that I’m comfortable following–especially lately with Timed Diet Mountain Dew!  

Plus, though I can’t cover them here, remember there are 3 other days (the weekend) in my 5 pound weight loss Weekly Timing Menu where I’m targeting a breakeven or weight GAIN so that allows me to choose even more decadent menus which could be timed restaurant meals I love, huge portions (Guideline #23 ilovesupersizing), or any other food on the planet.  And I still lost 5 pounds this week!  See how TIMING can easily turn into FOOD, EXERCISE and ACTIVITY choices?  

I must add, that while it can work very short term, I try really hard not to rely on willpower to stick with my TIMING  diet– again because it never lasts.  Instead every single eating and exercise decision I make is based on:

Calendar:  TIMING

Weekly:  TIMING

Daily:     TIMING

and finally more…

Meal (Metabolic):  TIMING

 I really want to lose weight but I also really want to enjoy what I eat and feel satsified and comfortable on my diet.  There is no existing weight loss and fitness diet built on deprivation, restrictions and forced painful exercise that can accomplish both (again, science proves this).   Therefore, every food on my EET Timing Menus must be carefully evaluated for TIMING and SATISFACTION = comfortable at all times.  The “missing link” is to find a huge menu of satisfying foods you can eat at all times!!  

Let’s break down the choice of my 0 Carb Diet Mountain Dew “on the rocks” so you can see what I mean.  I didn’t just throw in a a can of Diet Mountain Dew, I asked “what could I do with Diet Mountain Dew that will allow me to execute my Daily Menu and meet my weekly goal?”  I knew if I had a Coke slurpee with dinner I could easily go low carb for the rest of my meal because it would feel like adding a decadent dessert.   By becoming a Diet Mountain Dew connoisseur  the way others have very particular ways to get max enjoyment from their wine, I was able to follow my Daily menu to near perfection and add weight loss to my menu as well!

Sound crazy?  Timing satisfying foods and working to make them even more effective for weight loss doesn’t sound as crazy to me as ignoring science and trying to deprive yourself of the foods and portions you love most FOREVER only to endlessly yo-yo diet and gain weight.  Now that’s crazy – and I should know — I did the yo-yo diet thing for 20 years!

Since 2008 EETers have been taught to give up on the scientifically proven diet failure of struggling to of “eat less and exercise more”.  We replace it with:

Better timing and more satisfying food for better results!



The above story is completely true.  There is simply no way I could have been comfortable following my Daily Menu without one carefully TIMED food choice — Diet Mountain Dew (it truly would have been worthless or even harmful at any other time).  However, this important footnote is in order:

Diet Mountain Dew on the rocks worked for THIS weekly plan, and it might work again occasionally, but it could NEVER work every time as my “go to” treat to make my EET plan successful.  For dieters to be successful long-term we MUST have variety!  (Pain-Free Guideline #21 Use Endless Variety To Stay On Your Diet-ee)  

Over 6 plus years of successful weight loss I have committed to endlessly search for new foods that I enjoy at the right time that can work to keep me happy on my diet day in and day out.  A few examples of foods and the meal timing that made them effective are:

DQ Dilly Bar For Lunch — This worked for lunch 2 or more days a week for several years.  Slowly, the thrill wore off.  I look forward to using it again down the road for more weight loss benefits.

EET Eggwhite Omelette — A staple for my low carb dinner times for several months.  The thought of eating one now disgusts me, but now that I think about it,  Mrs. Renfro’s Raspberry Chipotle Salsa might make it work again–hmmm.

Grilled Salmon Burgers With Asian Garlic Chili Sauce — This worked recently for about 3 weeks in a row as a low-carb dinner entree, then I ran out of salmon burgers.  Need to restock because there’s more weight loss available here!

Canned Salmon – Late night food that I enjoyed early in my EETing efforts as a late night emergency food. This is another food that currently repulses me.   Working on different recipes to bring it back someday and finding other late night foods.  

Grilled Sabatinos Low Fat Sausages Grilled and LOADED on a low carb wrap for low carb dinners – never seem to get sick of this one at the right time!

Even with great EET Timing Menus, there are many times I don’t meet my weight-loss targets.  Nothing works every time, and there are other EET Guidelines to help me manage that fact and still succeed long term.  Whatever happens, on the EET Timing Diet I’m always eating foods I enjoy and that’s a diet I can live with!


disclaimer oct 2012


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