5 Ways Foodies Can Eat MORE and Exercise LESS For Weight Loss, Fitness

long term weight loss almost impossible


NEWS UPDATE: June 2014   Experts conclude their “proven” approach to reach your weight loss and fitness goals:  Simply “eat less and exercise more” is wrong:

Obesity research confirms longterm weight loss almost impossible

Fortunately, for me, I gave up on the weight loss and fitness industry’s advice long ago.    In 2008, I decided the only diet I could possibly stay with would have to include my love of 

Eating MORE and Exercising LESS

That worked for me!  So, here’s are 5 of the many ways I’ve found that have worked consistently over the YEARS in no particular order:  

low fat sausage sandoevergood chicken sausage

1)  EAT MORE:   Loaded Sandwiches or Sausages

I am always on the lookout for toppings that are low in calories, carbs and fats that I can add to my sandos to make them huge and incredibly satisfying.  So rather than eat a high fat corned beef sando with mustard and a pickle, I much prefer MORE lean corned beef smothered with mustard, sweet relish, sauerkraut onions, peppers, garlic and a nice handful of baby spinach.  I save some calories and lots of fat  eating a much bigger sandwich but the best part is I often can skip the side dish like chips because my sandos are so satisfying.  NOTES:  I enjoy this strategy even more with HUGE Low Fat Sausages (see pic above)  vs the insane calories and fats in Brauts or Hot Dogs that are smaller!  And, as a good foodie  I NEVER skip dessert!  

2)  EXERCISE LESS: Interval Training

Exercise that alternates between faster efforts and slower efforts is generally far more effective for weight loss and fitness than long slow workouts.  My interval training has always included the now trendy HIIT (high intensity interval training) but it’s not always high intensity for many reasons.   There’s some science behind this if you understand how to apply it, but a bigger reason for the long-term effectiveness of these workouts is they take a lot less of your time, so you’re more likely to stay with them (again, assuming you understand how to apply them safely and comfortably).  

FO_Original_LowResbaskin robbins chocolate chip ice cream

3)  EAT MORE:  Low Carb Low Cal Wraps and High Calorie Ice Cream  Instead of Bread

In my world, you must enjoy every bite of food you eat if you hope to reach your weight and fitness goals, so let’s be clear.  You must find a variety of low carb wrap you enjoy.  I can make my sandos (see 1 above) with a 100 calorie 12 net carb flat out flat bread and can make them just as big and  enjoy them every bit as much as if I used a Dutch Crunch roll that is nearly 500 calories and a zillion carbs on it’s own.  However, unlike other “frugal dieters” who get excited because they saved those calories, as a good foodie I immediately spend them on a good size portion of high calorie Ice cream.  To me, that feels like a whole lot more food, and so much more enjoyable most of the time!  However,  I also happen to love dutch crunch bread so sometimes I eat that instead of the ice cream, or in addition to the ice cream,  whichever menu is most satisfying at the time.  

4) EXERCISE LESS:  Increase Speed and / or Cut the Rest Periods During Exercise

You don’t have to make big adjustments to your pace or time you rest to save a bunch of time and see a lot better results.  You do, however, have to make sure you never get injured and continue to enjoy your exercise.  So be warned, while this is an easy strategy to understand, it’s not that easy to execute successfully for the long term.  If I were just starting this strategy, I might do it ONE workout a week–still less time exercising, but allows my body (and mind) time to adapt to the new approach.

fiber one protein


5)  EAT MORE:  Fiber One ORIGINAL Cereal mixed with Reeses Puffs Cereal PLUS a Fiber One Coconut Almond Protein Bar instead of a candy bar.

1/4 cup fiber 1  60 calories  + 1/2 cup Reese Puffs 90 cals + Fiber One Coconut Almond Protein Bar (have you tried this? WOW!)     140 cals = 290 calories   1 Twix Bar (2 pieces) = 280 Calories

So much more delicious food for roughly the same calories!  Plus you get a good chunk of protein and fiber from the cereal and protein bar combo.  Just be sure you it’s ORIGINAL Fiber One — the flakes are way higher in calories and carbs!  And, yes,  I still eat the occasional twix bar (Twix Java when I can find them), but, overall,  I truly like the fiber one, reeses combo better and it’s a lot more food.

I have dozens more of these “food and exercise management” strategies,  but this starter list can show you eating more and exercising less can be great for weight loss, fitness and being a foodie!   In any case, it’s been an enjoyable approach for over 6 years and so far, along with the rest of The EET Timing Diet has kept my my long-term weight loss and fitness from becoming impossible! 



disclaimer oct 2012


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