5 Ways to Fail on the EET Timing Diet w/ NO RULES for Weight Loss, Fitness


After dealing with hundreds of clients over the last 5 years, I can now share some of the most common reasons dieters fail on a diet that has absolutely no rules whatsoever.   EET wants EVERYONE to succeed, so please don’t take these reasons the wrong way,  dieters are doing nothing wrong, The EET Timing Diet  is simply not being taught well enough to guide dieters over these hurdles.  Trust me EET is working on it as you’ll see very soon!   For now, here are the reasons:



1)  Dieters continue to believe they must lose weight / become more fit at all times on your diet

This is most certainly NOT a rule on EET!  Dieters must be taught the impossibility of weight loss = success, weight gain = failure.  This is a scientifically proven, FAILED approach to lasting weight loss and fitness no matter how many “success stories” they are shown on the red carpet or the latest issue of People magazine.

 Here’s a new EET strategy for dieters who still believe the myth: Just read this 2014 article on the latest scientific findings EVERY time you think weight loss = success and weight gain = failure

Obesity research confirms long-term weight loss almost impossible

Or you could read MY findings from 2011 – 3 years ago:  

NWCR Study: Chances of Long Term (10 yr+) Weight Loss 1 in 30,000   See, told ya EET is SCIENCE BASED! 🙂

Or you can keep believing you always have to lose weight to succeed and endlessly yo-yo diet.  Your call.  

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2)  Dieters cling to old rules

Despite being told multiple times The EET Timing Diet does not have rules, folks who have tried every diet they can find simply cannot be convinced.  They are sure they “shouldn’t eat that” because it’s not healthy, or it’s the wrong time, or the worst reason of all, because they’ll gain weight if they eat it.    I tell them my EET plan doesn’t restrict me from that sort of behavior, so why would I be teaching them a plan I myself don’t follow?  

Some dieters just can’t let go of other diets’ strict “you gotta do this” or “you gotta stop doing that”  rules for  weight loss and fitness, or let go of rules they are SURE work for weight loss and fitness, since they lost weight for a short time using those rules before.  The only rule dieters should work on accepting on EET is that EET has NO RULES because science taught me rules cannot work long-term!


3) Dieters think can speak fluent Spanish on their first day (or first YEAR) of Spanish class, simply by hearing the words

Dieters need time and practice to learn EET’s Guidelines and Timing Principles–the new “language” of weight loss and fitness.   EET is very different from any diet or exercise plan you’ve ever tried, period.   To become “conversational” where EET is second nature and automatic, expect it to take years.  That should be just fine with dieters, after all , we want to reach and maintain our goals for years.  But many dieters just grab the dictionary, and off they go.  While many dieters are very smart people, they dramatically underestimate the challenges of long term weight loss and fitness.

Even though you might understand a new concept, or a new language, it doesn’t mean you can effectively apply it, and it certainly doesn’t mean you will be able to use it at times when you are under intense stress.  This becomes especially challenging when dieters come to EET so fluent in the language of “eat less and exercise more” and “I know what I gotta do to succeed, I just need to do it!” (those create weight gain by the way).   

book cover 1 4 2014

4)  Dieters don’t really learn and apply EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines

The EET Timing Diet is a “situational” diet.    EET’s “Pain-Free” Guidelines are short, easy to remember concepts that can remind you of how to get through a challenge ON your diet, rather than “go off” and continue the cycle of yo-yo dieting that got you into this mess in the first place.  Guideline #1 Yo-yo Must Go! is an easy example (You can read an entire chapter on it for FREE on Amazon Here).  

At those times you are sure you need to go off your diet, you stop and actually consciously think: “yo-yo must go!” and then determine what it is you need to do in that situation to stay on your diet and avoid yo-yo dieting at all costs.  Sometimes that means eating a lot of food, other times just the thought is enough to change your focus back to weight loss, and you comfortably pass on eating at that time.  Sometimes something in between,  In any case, you made a “pain-free” decision and you’re succeeding ON EET!  

The transition from deprivation dieting and beating yourself up to adopting EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines takes time, patience, a lot of practice, and the understanding that you’ll be far from perfect (you don’t have to be!).  Some dieters just can’t let go of the “all or nothing” attitude that other painFUL diets require.

katan quote obesity

5)  Dieters feel they don’t lose weight fast enough.

The ironic part is dieters who lose little to no weight on EET early on are SUCCEEDING as they are learning how to apply EET’s Guidelines to craft a comfortable diet plan they will WANT to stay with for years.  There is endless science that proves early  weight loss has no meaning to where you’ll be 5 years from now (EET Guideline #20 Where do you want to be in 5 Years), so why focus on fast weight loss as part of your diet?  EET (and I) prefer to focus on AMAZING FOOD ALL THE TIME instead.  Trust me, It’s “pain-free” once you get the hang of it!

I’ll end this list with a little exercise for you that helps clear hurdle #5.  It just takes a minute and who knows?  It could  be the start of your EET success!

 exercise 4 favorite foods



disclaimer oct 2012


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