The ONE Reason Diets Don’t Work and The EET Timing Diet Does

lifestyle change

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.”  Bullshit.  The day dieters stop proudly proclaiming this drivel is the day yo-yo dieting can end and serious weight loss and fitness can begin. 

WHY will dieters fight you to the death to convince you their plan is NOT a diet?     

There are lots of answers such as:  Dieters don’t want to have you asking how their diet is going when they see you after a few months or perhaps a year and their weight has ballooned right back up to where they started (or higher).  Or they don’t want to feel like you’re judging them while they dab their fork into a little cup of salad dressing to try to salvage some flavor from the bowl full of stark lettuce sitting before them.

Oh yes, there are lots of reasons, but in the end there’s only ONE reason dieters will deny to all, including themselves, that they are on a diet that is one of the key reasons that no diet works.  That ONE reason?

They HATE the thought of dieting.

die with a t

If your diet plan restricts you from eating the foods you love, in the amounts you love, whenever you love to eat them, while endlessly pushing you to “bring on the pain” in your exercise efforts, with the notion you are sentences to this new spartan lifestyle forever, it’s easy to see why you want to claim no part of that plan.

So as long as all the behaviors you love to hate –eating less, exercising more, doing all the things you really don’t enjoy doing, all in the name of losing weight, are what you associate with diets, you are doomed to ultimately fail on diets.

But, what if when you were accused of being on a diet, you smiled?  What if you felt excitement about the fact your on a diet that helps you enjoy the foods you love in amounts you love, WHEN you love them without guilt, whether your losing weight or not.  EET Fitness believes if you were on such a diet, the word comes to take on an entirely different meaning.   And that’s exactly the type of plan EET Timing Diet offers dieters.

As long as you associate diets as painful necessary evils, diets that must deliver fast weight loss, diets don’t and won’t work.   When you learn to be comfortable on your diet at all times, and your diet includes all the things you enjoy in your life, you have a completely different association with the word diet, diets CAN work, and you actually have a chance of long -term success.  

Now you know why EET proudly calls our plan The EET Timing DIET.  We LIKE our diet and we want it as part of our lifestyle all the time!    Learn how EET works and you’ll see why we believe we’ve changed what it means to diet.



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