Special K Fails At Diet Weight Loss, Protein for Energy Next? HOPEFULLY!

special k fail


What will you gain when you lose?  For Kellogg’s Special K, it appears they GAINED knowledge and learned they are not an effective diet solution and they LOST a lot of money learning it.

“Special K continues to be impacted by the evolving consumer trends affecting weight management brands in general,” he said. “As a result, we’re actively repositioning the brand and emphasizing the presence of positive nutrition, like protein, fiber, grains, and other relevant nutritional benefits. We also have plans for renovation and innovation, as well as new communication plans to further drive this repositioning of the food.”

John Bryant, Chairman, CEO Kellogg’s Corp.  July 31, 2014

Hey John, just thinkin’ out loud here, but haven’t you caused enough dieters to gain weight choking down that sawdust you call “Special” K?  How about you just focus on making the cereal TASTE better, instead of continuing efforts to be our nutritional advisors?

And speaking of worthless weight loss, fitness and nutrition advice, can someone please do something about this?:

nature valley protein

 Since when has PROTEIN become a great energy source???  I know protein is the “hot” macronutrient right now, but I personally wouldn’t be counting on 10 grams of protein  for a pop of energy when I bonk in the middle of a workout.  I speak from experience because there’s LOW CARBS and  WELL over 50% calories from FAT in these bars I eat them at night on my EET Timing Diet when I DON’T need energy!!

Despite what the weight loss and nutrition industry does to take your money (and, sadly, likely harm your efforts), science continues to prevail and carbs remain the king of effective energy sources — if you TIME them!  

It’s a jungle out there, that’s for sure, but there is one thing that will surely help:  Anyone who truly loves food and their weight and fitness would do well to spend some time learning what science says really matters.


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