Obesity Research to Nike : Just Do It Exercise For Weight Loss HUGE Failure

nike just do it


If your problem is obesity, Science very clearly says you can’t run from it, that’s who.  The Just Do It philosophy for exercise is only making things worse as recent studies confirm.

Next time see a powerfully motivating Nike Ad and think, “They’re right.  I’ve just got to do it!  No more excuses!”  Take one more minute and consider these “slogans” before you lace em up if you’re goal is weight loss:

Health enthusiasts all over the country can breathe a collective sigh of relief. According to the results of a new study, the number of Americans getting sufficient exercise has increased steadily over the last few years. But don’t break out the celebratory ice cream just yet — unfortunately, that same study also found the number of obese Americans continues to climb…..

In fact, new research suggests that people who think exercise is the most important factor in weight loss have higher BMIs than people who think diet is more significant ….

Quotes are from the following blog post which also sites the specific studies with links:

Americans Are Working Out More Than Ever. Why Aren’t We Losing Weight  July 2012

cover art ice cream on side (1)

EET Fitness has been preaching from the same gospel as these studies since 2008.  Here’s a few quotes from EET’s Book and a couple of blog posts we feel are worth your time as well:

Yo-yo exercise is just as much the cause of our nation’s obesity crisis as yo-yo dieting.  Decades of on-again off-again weight workouts and mountain bike rides resulting in 25 lbs of weight gain said a lot.  Science confirming all plans requiring exercise can’t produce lasting weight loss said even more. [11, 12, 13, 154]  These revelations about “yo-yo exercise” led to another revelation:  If I was going to rely on exercise to reach my goal of losing 15 pounds for 50 years, then I would need to exercise consistently, for 50 years. …

Newsflash:  Exercise is not the key to weight loss!

 Look at all the major commercial diet plans.  How many of them have a workout facility?  How many of them even have a specific exercise program they recommend to their clients?  None.   Yet, people pay these weight loss industry giants tens of millions of dollars every year for help with their dieting efforts. I’ve found many stories of short term weight loss accomplished on these plans without a single pushup.  [140, 141]

From, It’s Not What You Eat, It’s WHEN You Eat It  Jan 2014

Clinical Studies: Calories Exercise Motivation PROVEN FAILURES Sept 2011

Jogging BAD For Weight Loss and Fitness ? YES Says EET   March 2010

So, “Just Do It” for exercise if you must, but if weight loss and making progress against obesity is part of your goals, what your “just doing” won’t take you where you want to go.  EET hopes you’ll learn more about how to “put science on your side” using The EET Timing Diet and not use diet and exerise plans that are proven failures and recently led experts to say this:


long term weight loss impossible eet slide



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