How To Weigh-In After A Binge for Weight LOSS on The EET Timing Diet – QUIZ!

quiz scale guideline 3

Above is a 1 minute quiz to help you understand how the EET Weigh-In TIMING System might deal with a big ‘ol binge right at the wrong time.  Give it a try!  Answers are at the end of the post.

EET Guideline #3 My Scale and Me BFF’s is the basis for the EET Weigh-in Timing System on the EET Timing Diet.  Learning and practicing this system is a huge step in changing your relationship with the scale and helping you reach lasting long-term goals.   You can read the entire guideline with details of the EET Weigh-In Timing System FREE HERE on Amazon if you click the Look Inside icon.  The first paragraph is my favorite so I’ll share it here in case you don’t check out the free preview:

We all love getting compliments on how great we look when we’ve lost weight.  Now, imagine a friend who reminds you every day how much weight you’ve gained.  If your friend kept up with the, “Hey, I see you’ve put on another 2 pounds!” it’s a good bet you’d come to hate them, and likely do all you could to avoid them.  I’m convinced this is the exact love-hate relationship between yo-yo dieters and the scale…..

And, as promised, here are EET’s answers to this quiz.  How did you do?  If you want your best chance at long-term weight loss and fitness, please keep this answer key handy, and refer to it often as a reminder of how The EET Timing Diet Works.


quiz scale guideline 3 answers

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