Active Lifestyle Can Lead To Weight Loss OR Gain – Here’s How – EET TIMING QUIZ

activity quiz

Above is a 1 minute quiz to help you understand how Activity fits into the EET Timing Diet.   Give the quiz a try!  Answers are at the end of the post.

EET Guideline #13 Love Your Activities, The Weight Loss Will Follow can be a key to long term success on The EET Timing Diet.  Timed activities can be more powerful than exercise if you don’t force yourself into a miserable, overly active lifestyle, full of running up and down every flight of stairs you can find (in heels or a suit) and parking miles from the grocery store.  Understanding how to build a positive, productive role for activity in your diet and fitness plan is important, especially EET’s big discovery: 

Learning when NOT to be active is every bit as important as the carbs and calories burned through exercise or activity. 

Most dieters think painful exercise and fast weight loss is all that matters, but EET sees things very differently,  so here’s a little preview from Guideline #13 in EET’s Book

Newsflash:  Exercise is not the key to weight loss!

Look at all the major commercial diet plans.  How many of them have a workout facility?  How many of them even have a specific exercise program they recommend to their clients?  None….

Newsflash:  Weight Loss Is Not Fitness

What long term benefit could possibly come from a weight-loss plan that ignores your fitness level?  What are the long term health implications of a completely sedentary lifestyle, no matter how much weight you might lose?  Studies say the effects are pretty dire [134, 142], but, for many dieters, sitting in a chair while losing weight actually sounds exciting!  They’ve come to hate exercise and, and see it as painful and boring, plus it never seems to bring results.  To the yo-yo dieter, the faster and easier the weight loss, the better.   Fitting in skinny jeans is the only “fit” that matters.

Newsflash:  I want, need and love to do things….

And, as promised, here are EET’s answers to this quiz.  How did you do?  If you want your best chance at long-term weight loss and fitness, please keep this answer key handy, and refer to it often as a reminder of how The EET Timing Diet Works.


activity quiz answers

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