Little Caesar’s Pretzel Crust Pizza For Weight Loss, Fitness ? YES – It’s SALTED!!

little caesars pizza

You think I’m joking, but you’re very wrong.   Read on to see why everyone hates dieting but I LOVE my EET Timing Diet!

Finally got a chance to try Little Caesar’s Pretzel Crust Pizza.  Figured I would love it because I love Little Caesars and I love pretzels.  However, I braced myself for serious disappointment.  I’ve chased many a pretzel crust/bun and every time they let me down because THEY WON’T SALT THEM!  When I went to Hole in The Wall Burger Joint, they told me it was because they got so many customer complaints about too much salt being “unhealthy”.    Other restaurants and Costco with their pretzel buns told me the same sad story.

Serious EETers know better.  We know there are:


So, I just stayed with my “go to” SALTED Pretzel treats like this one from The Bru Haus so I wouldn’t feel deprived and risk resenting my diet.
giant pretzel

I will add, the only possible exception to this EET cornerstone “no unhealthy foods, only unhealthy times” is amazing food made without key ingredients like SALT ON PRETZELS — that could very easily be unhealthy as it could leave me very unsatisfied!!  EETers also know 


Most yo-yo dieters and the weight and fitness obsessed think eating a Pretzel Crust Pizza should be considered “cheating” and never encouraged on their diets.  Sounds like a guilt ridden, eating disorder waiting to happen to me.  Thanks anyway,  but I think I like EET’s approach just a tad better:

We MUST routinely have access to the foods we love in the amounts we love ON OUR DIET PLAN at the right times to succeed on our diets!

And, so, with some skepticism, I put Little Caesar’s on my Daily Timing Menu — I cannot tell you how excited I was to open the box and see those gorgeous chunks of salt all over the crust!!!  Complete Satisfaction ON my Timing Diet!  And my 6+ years of weight loss and fitness success as I love my diet continues…..

Got another Pretzel Crust Pizza already on the menu for later this week!!  THANK YOU LITTLE CAESARS!!


cover art ice cream on side (1)


disclaimer oct 2012


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