2014 Obesity Stats – F as in FAT RWJF Now In Denial Too? Chart They Didn’t Show!!

obesity rates 2013 2014

Check out this chart I made comparing obesity statistics in the US 2013 vs 2014. Maybe it’s the ex-accountant in me, or maybe I wanna be the guy in the The DaVinci Code,  but I like to dig into numbers and compare them.   I noticed some key info was not included in the RWJF’s just released page turner 2014 State of Obesity vs their 2013 F as in FAT reports that have me wondering how they can claim to have made progress:

FROM THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:   The Issue: There is increasing evidence that obesity rates are stabilizing for adults and children—but the rates remain high, putting millions of Americans at risk for increased health problems. 

FROM THE LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR:  After decades of bad news, we’re finally seeing signs of progress….


FROM THE RESEARCH PAGE 8  Between 2011 and 2012, only one
state had an increase. Between 2012 and 2013, six states had increases.  

FROM THE CHART ABOVE (which was not included in the report though other comparisons were):  Obesity rates for the US as a whole are moving up at every level. Heck, they had to create a new “red” level for 2 states that have now gone over the 35% obesity rate.  Maybe it’s just me who considers progress obesity rates going DOWN not up??

The takeaway here?  If you’re serious about learning what science has to say  about weight loss and fitness, you better do your own homework. 

At least I hope dieters are starting to see the truth about the current state of the weight loss, fitness and nutrition industries.  The spinning of information and constant promise of hope “if we just keep trying” the same proven failed strategies are doing far more to create the obesity crisis than they are in solving it.  I’ve found more interesting clues in these reports that reveal some interesting possibilities that I’ll cover in future blog posts. 

NOTE:  I didn’t bother adding up the beige states above–i just subtracted the other colors totals from 51, so my exact counts might be off–don’t really care as the key data is accurat.   Here are the reports so you can review and make your own decisions:


The State of Obesity 2014

F as in Fat 2013


long term weight loss impossible eet slide



cover art ice cream on side (1)


disclaimer oct 2012


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