EET Fitness Offers $9.95/Month Full Access To Timing Diet For Weight Loss, Fitness

eet 995 fees

No hype.  No gimmicks.  Science says long-term weight loss and fitness is nearly impossible.  The EET Timing Diet is built to change that.  Now we want to show you all the details.  We want to put an end to Yo-yo dieting forever, and we strongly believe we know how.  

It’s been a long time coming, but EET Fitness is pleased to announce we have new pricing plans that will allow anyone to learn how Thg EET Timing Diet works for long-term weight loss and fitness!

Here’s what the new Plan Options look like (NOTE:  Current EET Memebers are Grandfathered at your current fees as promised the day EET started– you have full access to any help you need for as long as you maintain your membership!!):

For those who want to learn about the EET Fitness Plan on their own through EET’s Website, Book, EETfit Timing Kit and other online resources, as well as connecting with other EETers in our Facebook and other online communities, you can now do that for only $9.95 per month (of course you can cancel at any time–EET forces no one to do anything!)


eet 995 feesFor those who want personal training or have special needs they would like to address, you can now do that on an hourly basis, so you can get exactly what you need to keep progressing with EET:eet personal training

Click here if you want to sign up for EET.  Questions?  Contact us at

We’ve spent the last 6 months planning for these changes to make The EET Timing Diet easier to learn and to get help when you need it.  

And even more good news: We have even bigger announcements that will help all those interested in “putting science on your side” using EET Fitness coming in the near future!    

In the coming months, you’ll see that EET is ready to do our part to make these quotes a thing of the past:


long term weight loss impossible eet slide



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disclaimer oct 2012


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