5 New Foods To Love On The EET Timing Diet – Let Me Stop SMH!

boom chika pop

Finally found a use for the cool urban slang “smh” (means shaking my head if you’re not quite as cool as me yet 🙂  And why do I SMH?  I can’t begin to understand why dieters feel it’s a burden to search for amazing food to help them succeed on The EET Timing Diet!  For example, this new popcorn I found at Costco is very low in net carbs for a portion size of 4 cups and tastes great watching TV at night when that’s what I need!

black edamame

People spend hours studying Yelp or restaurant guides to find new places to eat and sit glued to the Food Network or scour food websites looking for amazing new recipes, but, apparently when you decide you want to lose weight, you try to close your eyes and act like amazing food doesn’t exist, right?  Gotta be something like that? Even though I assure them finding and timing amazing food is THE KEY to long term weight loss!  As I said, I’ve got no clue because I can’t wait to find new foods that fit different times of day!  smh…..

tumeros wraps

Anyhow–throughout this blog post you are seeing 5 foods that I’ve found recently that fit times each day I’m looking for lower carb meals.  Hope these help others as they are helping me lose weight while loving all my food on my diet.   I’m not gonna list all the nutritional data.  For that you can search Google and find the numbers.  Then, if you don’t like these foods you could find others that might work for you that have similar numbers?  No?  WHY?  smh….

progresso light

Know that I have many more, and I expect to find 2-3 more this weekend. I also endlessly search for amazing HIGH CARB foods, but dieters get all upset when I post those pictures so we won’t even go there for the moment.  In any case, I’ve embraced “The Search” in my EET Timing Diet.  What’s The Search?  You can read all about it for free if you go to EET’s Book and click Look Inside Guideline 4 Don’t Enjoy It? Don’t Eat It!  

so creamy

With the upcoming release of EET’s new Personal Training Guide, I am really hopeful I can stop smh very soon…..

  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.




cover art ice cream on side (1)


disclaimer oct 2012


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