Toni BEFORE AFTER PICS 5 YEARS on EET Timing Diet Still At Goal Weight! – Let her help you!!

Toni after 5 years

Toni has reached the holy grail of weight loss and fitness — 5 YEARS AT HER GOAL WEIGHT after losing over 20% of her body weight since starting EET.  And at age 39+ :-),  Science says this is simply not possible with any known diet–but Toni is living proof that with EET it is (and there are others).  Now, with EET’s new Personal Training Guide, Toni has generously agreed to chat with you DIRECTLY to help you succeed with EET too!

When I asked Toni for a message to current and future EETers, here’s what she had to say:

EET Timing has worked amazingly for me for 5 years.  I look forward to sharing what has worked for me with anyone who’s learning EET.  Everyone can do this plan once you stop stressing about food and focus on your timing!

Toni’s a great EETer who’s ready to share 5 years of wisdom, weight loss, and amazing food accomplished while facing stress, a lot of travel and all kinds of reasons to gain weight.  She’s telling you that The EET TIMING DIET can work for everyone for the long haul–she’s living proof — if you’re skeptical that’s understandable, but the great news is  you’ll soon have the chance to ask her all about EET directly!


EET personal training guide cover

Watch for more details of EET’s new Personal Training Guide, as well as announcements of more long-term EETers who will be part of the EET community to help you very very soon.

  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.




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