Different Meal TIMING SAME CALORIES NO EXERCISE = 10 MORE Pounds Lost! 12 Wk Clinical Study


timing over calories 2013 study obesity

Uhhhh, EET hates to say we told you so…..but…..  TIMING is more important than calories for weight loss AND fitness!  How much more important? In this 2013 study, “metabolic timers” could have eaten nearly 500 MORE CALORIES A DAY and lost the same amount of weight!  Science has now proven in MULTIPLE clinical studies (incl Harvard Study here) in the last 2 years that “It’s Not What You Eat It’s WHEN You Eat It!”  Funny, we proved it back in 2008 , but, I know, who are we? 

In this Dec 2013 Study in just 12 short weeks, those following a version of EET’s Metabolic Timing lost 10 more pounds  (nearly a pound more a week) and had vastly improved health versus those who ate the EXACT caloric intake on a different timing schedule.  Plus, painful exercise was not a factor for either group’s results in the study!  As EET has said for years– NOTHING is more important than Eating Timing.   

Check out these dramatically different weight loss results —  Concrete proof of EET’s first foundational concept: You can lose weight and become more fit simply by changing the timing of your eating (and exercise too–but this is just eating timing impact!!):

timing study results weight loss



Oh and here’s a little nugget for you doubters of EET’s second fundamental concept, “There are no unhealthy foods, only unhealthy TIMES”:

timing study triglycerides

Same calories, different timing — one groups triglycerides WAY down, the other WAY up?  The difference? EATING TIMING!!  Again, EET and our followers already knew this years ago….

Doug Stops Following Dr. Mercola Tries EET Drops 10 lbs +Triglycerides from 355 to 87 in 30 Days!

Well, now that you’ve learned timing is more important than calories (or points), and that you can lose weight and become more fit simply by changing your eating (and let’s not forget exercise!) timing — what will you do?    Waste precious TIME chasing the proven failure that is dieting by counting calories or points?  Give up all your favorite foods and keep telling people to “Stop eating that!  It’s not healthy!!”  Those strategies should continue to produce results like these (EET’s 3rd foundational concept about all existing diet plans built on deprivation and restriction):

long term weight loss impossible eet slide


OR maybe you can be like great EETers who follow their EET Timing Diet by saying “WHEN am I gonna eat that amazing food to lose weight and get more fit!”  The choice is yours, but EET certainly wants to help everyone put SCIENCE ON THEIR SIDE — and that’s exactly what EET’s Guidelines do.  

One final note:  These clinical studies have barely scratched the surface of what EET has discovered about the power of Eating (and Exercise) Timing.  You’ll have the chance to see some specifics for yourself with EET’s  New Personal Training Guide, coming very very soon.

You can read more about the study here:

High Caloric intake at breakfast vs. dinner differentially influences weight loss of overweight and obese women

New Study Highlights Benefits Of Proper Meal Timing

Watch for more details of EET’s new Personal Training Guide, as well as announcements of more long-term EETers who will be part of the EET community to help you very very soon.

  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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