Doug Loses “Last 20” BELOW GOAL For 3 YEARS w EET Timing Diet – He Wants To Help You!

doug 3 year before after

Doug lost 20 lbs (goal was “last 10”!) and has KEPT IT OFF FOR 3 YEARS using The EET Timing Diet— He’s nearly 50 years old, runs a successful business and enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family instead of hours each week in a gym struggling with exercise he hates.  He JUST FOCUSES ON HIS TIMING, and the weight is still off,and his blood readings are still way improved.   Science says this is nearly possible with any known diet –we reach impossible at 5 years 🙂 –but it’s a lot more possible with EET!  And now, with EET’s new Personal Training Guide, Doug has generously agreed to chat with you DIRECTLY to help you succeed with EET too!

EET’s readers first met Doug back in 2011 with this post:

Doug Stops Following Dr. Mercola Tries EET Drops 10 lbs + Triglycerides from 355 to 87 in 30 Days!

30 day results are great but EETers are looking long term (or should be!).   Well 3 years later shows Doug’s results were no fluke. His weight is still off, and his blood markers are still improved. Let me add that losing weight doesn’t always mean better blood readings.  Just take a look at the results for dieters in a recent study featured in yesterday’s blog post.  You have to TIME meals right to get better results in both weight loss AND fitness.  

One more interesting point — Doug lives in St. Louis.  I have not seen him personally one time since he started EET.  Once in a while, he checks in with a question, and he gets the guidance he needs.  He doesn’t need to be motivated or accountable to succeed – HE JUST FOCUSES ON HIS TIMING -and asks for help when he needs it, PERIOD.  That’s a diet plan you can stay with!

When I asked Doug for a message to current and future EETers, here’s what he had to say:

Just wanted to let you know, I was in Chicago for a soccer tournament and enjoyed all foods the city had to offer with zero guilt.  Thanks to EET I enjoyed Portillo’s Italian beef sandwich, fries, and chocolate eclair cake!  Three years now on EET and I am still down those last 20 lbs I could never lose and keep off on my own, but could on EET.  Timing is everything!  It is great to have a much better control of food instead of food controlling me.  Thanks again.  If I can be of assistance to help others let me know.

We have to forgive Doug as he’s only a 3 year EETer and hasn’t learned TO SEND THE FOOD PICS with the update!!  At least I got him to send an after pic with his shirt on–so we’re making progress. 🙂    Doug is telling you that The EET TIMING DIET can work for everyone for the long haul–he’s living proof — if you’re skeptical that’s understandable, but the great news is  you’ll soon have the chance to ask him all about EET directly!


EET personal training guide cover

Watch for more details of EET’s new Personal Training Guide, as well as announcements of more long-term EETers who will be part of the EET community to help you very very soon.

  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.




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