2014 Study Confirms Timing Over Calories For Weight Loss AND Mediterranean Diet is Horrible

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Yep. Another study proving TIMING is more important than calories for weight loss AND fitness!    Just like the 2013 Study we covered 2 days ago, This new 2014 study proved TIMING creates more weight loss, but showed LESS weight loss over the same 12 week period.   Why?  Because they used the HORRIBLE Mediterranean Diet!  See below for more on this but the point is still clear: Science has now proven in MULTIPLE clinical studies (incl Harvard Study here) in the last 2 years that “It’s Not What You Eat It’s WHEN You Eat It!”  

It’s worth breaking down the results of these studies:  In the May 2014 study above,  in 12 weeks, those following timing closer to EET’s Metabolic Timing lost about 2 more pounds (8.2 vs 6.5 pounds) and had improved health versus those who ate the EXACT caloric intake on a different timing schedule.  Plus, painful exercise was not a factor for either group’s results in the study!  As EET has said for years– NOTHING is more important than Eating Timing.   

Now compare these results to the Study we reviewed here where the groups lost 17.8 (early eaters) vs 7.1 pounds (late eaters):

Different Meal TIMING SAME CALORIES NO EXERCISE = 10 MORE Pounds Lost! 12 Wk Clinical Study


timing study results weight loss

Question: Why did the participants in the 2013 study lose so much more weight over 12 weeks than the 2014 study ?  Answer: the 2013 diet was lower in fat and carefully managed CARB TIMING (The basis of The EET Timing Diet) while the 2014 diet was the Mediterranean Diet which encourages “good fats” alongside “healthy carbs” as part of a calorie restrictive low calorie diet.  The bottom line takeaway:  The Mediterranean Diet is a more restrictive diet that produces less weight loss.   It’s not only horrible for weight loss, it’s downright dangerous. 

Why dangerous?  Two reasons:

1)  PROMISING HEART HEALTH AND WEIGHT LOSS:  By focusing on “heart health” this diet encourages eating very high calorie and high fat foods while severely restricting calories.  This creates an additional layer of guilt when dieters can’t stay with all the restrictions — which science proves no dieter can.  As you fail at the Mediterranean Diet you can feel horrible about your weight increasing AND your inability to properly take care of your heart health.

2) IMPOSSIBLE TO STAY WITH AND HORRIBLE CARB TIMING ALONGSIDE HIGH FATS:  Even if you could follow the diet (which you can’t for long — per science), the deadly combination of mixing carbs and fats throughout the day will insure you will lose less weight than most other diets that reduce fats, and FAR less than The EET Timing Diet that focuses on Carb Timing while reducing fats at the appropriate times.

EET believes the clinical research on the Mediterranean diet, including this latest timing study justifies the conclusions it’s a horrible diet and actually dangerous for those who try it hoping to achieving long-term results.  It’s on a par with suggesting you can eat a bowl full of broccoli for every meal a/k/a Forks over Knives — all sounds good in theory — but dieters live in the real world, and EVERY study is clear how long diets of this nature actually “work” no matter how great the benefits sound.

Well, now that you’ve learned timing is more important than calories (or points) again, and that the Mediterranean Diet is one of the lest effective diets for weight loss ever devised — what will you do?    Waste precious TIME chasing the proven failure that is dieting by counting calories or points?  Ignore the benefits of Metabolic Timing by snacking on high calorie and high fat nuts and avocados and splashing 100% fat olive oil on everything right alongside high carb grains and fruits while maxing out on your calorie limit by noon?”  Those strategies should continue to produce results like these 

,long term weight loss impossible eet slide


OR maybe you can be like great EETers who follow their EET Timing Diet who practice Carb Timing and manage fats with carbs in mind to make sure our metabolism can efficiently burn fat?   The choice is yours, but EET certainly wants to help everyone put SCIENCE ON THEIR SIDE — and that’s exactly what EET’s Guidelines do.  

One final note:  These clinical studies have barely scratched the surface of what EET has discovered about the power of Eating (and Exercise) Timing.  You’ll have the chance to see some specifics for yourself with EET’s  New Personal Training Guide, coming very very soon.

You can read more about the study here:

Morning meal more efficient for fat loss in a 3-month lifestyle intervention.

Watch for more details of EET’s new Personal Training Guide, as well as announcements of more long-term EETers who will be part of the EET community to help you very very soon.

  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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