Dr. Caren Reaves, M.D. Dr. Amy Join EET’s New Community For Weight Loss, Fitness

Dr. Caren and Dr. Amy

Dr. Caren Reaves, M.D. (left) has been voted best OBGYN in Denton County, TX multiple times.  She’s been one of EET’s biggest supporters since 2010, when she used The EET Timing Diet to lose those last 10 (okay she lost 17) pounds she could never lose, and kept them off for over 2 years.    Dr. Amy (right) is another successful Dr. in the Dallas area  who lost a lot of weight using EET, and ran multiple half-marathons using EET Training with very few training runs!   They know The EET Timing Diet and Fitness Plan works and have recommended it to their patients, friends and family members.   And now, with EET’s new Personal Training Guide,, both of these great EETers have agreed to make themselves available to help you succeed as well!

When I asked the good Drs for a message to current and future EETers, here’s what they had to say:

Dr. Caren:

In 2010,  I was at my heaviest and had been running for about 6 weeks without shedding a single pound. I was frustrated. My clothes were tight, and I just felt discouraged. I stumbled across a mention of EET in blog and the concept really intrigued me. I contacted Jon and visited with him for a bit and decided to hand myself into his program for 30 days. Over the course of the first month I was down 8 lbs and it was really quite easy. I stuck at it and was down 17 lbs (Goal was 10!!) without craving or feelings of deprivation. I felt GREAT and was at my lowest weight since middle school (BMI 21.5)!! I maintained for 2 years but recently got a bit complacent about following the EET guidelines. Without focusing on my Timing, the pounds have slowly crept back up and I realize I could use a good refresher in EET’s Guidelines.  I was thrilled to hear EET has a new guide coming out and is building a community.  I am happy to help others learn how EET worked for me, and help myself at the same time!

Dr. Amy:

Thanks for contacting me, I’m glad to have the opportunity to be part of the EET Community.  We can all use a little help and support for long-term success!   I am happy to help out, both for my own benefit, and to help others understand EET.

I’m so thrilled that Drs’ Caren and Amy will be around to offer their input.  I’m also happy for them because they’ll benefit from input from others in the EET Community as well.   It takes a different way of thinking to accomplish weight loss in the real world and stay on your diet in good times and bad times –but EET Guidelines can teach you that’s how you can comfortably do just that and end Yo-yo dieting (in fact that’s Guideline #1 Yo-yo must go!)    It’s huge for all involved that these two Drs have graciously agreed to share their EET successes and struggles to help others feel comfortable joining the EET community as well.   

The most important thing is they both know The EET TIMING DIET can work for everyone for the long haul–they’ve experienced it personally– if you’re skeptical that’s understandable, but the great news is  you’ll soon have the chance to ask them along with Toni, Doug, Jacy and many others all about how they use The EET Fitness Plan!


EET personal training guide cover

Watch for more details of EET’s new Personal Training Guide, as well as announcements of more long-term EETers who will be part of the EET community to help you very very soon.

  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.




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