EET Timing Diet Ahead Of Harvard Study Again! Using “Happiness Advantage” For Weight Loss, Fitness


Harvard research supports another KEY part of The EET Timing Diet that’s vital to weight loss and fitness success.   It only took them 2 more years than EET to figure it out. Whatever.  They can have all the credit if it means dieters will listen to and apply the findings in this post!

In 2013 Harvard was involved with this landmark study proving the effects of EET TIMING for weight loss and fitness:

2013 Harvard LARGE Study Confirms, It’s Not What You Eat It’s WHEN You Eat For Weight Loss! 

EET figured the whole timing thing out back in 2008.  5 years ahead of the Harvard crowd. But there’s more.  When EET started in 2008, we also discovered another absolute bedrock key to long-term success:


The need for happiness on a diet is very serious business.  We believe it’s not processed junk food, gluten intolerance, inflammation, sugar, video games etc, etc, but rather UNHAPPINESS with our diets that is a major cause of the obesity epidemic in  which we find ourselves.  Why? Simple.  If you can stay happy on your diet you’ll minimize the desire to “go off” your diet, do the yo-yo dieting thing and gain all the weight back. 

EET Fitness has called happiness all kinds of stuff to try to get this vital piece of the long-term success puzzle across to dieters.  For example:

“Enjoy the Ride”,

“Love Your Diet”,

“Enjoy your Diet”

and the more direct, “Why are you trying to lose weight in the first place — to be happy!”  How can it make sense to be miserable all the time now in the hopes of being happy someday months or years in the future IF and when the scale hits a certain number?  Incidentally, hitting that goal on the scale makes dieters happy for about 5 seconds as they then set even lower goals or stress about every pound gained, but we’ll save that discussion for another day.

And here’s one more fun fact:  We shared EET’s “secret formulas” for success on this very blog on April 23, 2010 titled:

EET Secret Formulas For Weight Loss Fitness And More

In case you don’t feel like going to the link — we’ll get right to the good part for you:


How can we create an Eating, Activity and Exercise Plan you will ENJOY following that will let you lose weight, and improve your health and fitness? 

Yep — EET’s been all over the happiness thing for many years , so it’s no surprise to us that Harvard has again found science says we’re on to something big.


Shawn Achor is a Harvard Researcher and author of the best selling book “The Happiness Advantage” that was published on September 14, 2010, 6 months after EET’s blog post and 2 years after EET’s discovery about happiness and dieting, but hey, it’s not a competition :-).  Achor says the findings relate to all sorts of endeavors, including weight loss:

happiness advantage science backed

Even though Havard figured it out a little later than we did, maybe it will mean more coming from them?  Perhaps dieters can now accept EET’s message, since it agrees with Harvard’s?  I sure hope so, because it doesn’t matter how many times and ways we say it, too many dieters continue to believe they must struggle and sacrifice and be generally miserable to succeed.  They are wrong.  That painful approach is holding them back – learning to enjoy your diet has always been what  EET’s all about!   “EET is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride” –remember EETers?? 

Applying this research is a classic example of EET Learning Timing (one of the eight types of EET Timing explained in EET’s Book- Guideline 8).  EET relies heavily on scientific and clinical research to “put science on your side”, and if you’re willing to spend a little time  gradually learning you will understand a lot more about EET and finally see that we’re not kidding:

EET CAN HELP YOU ENJOY YOUR DIET (and Exercise)–and if you practice and keep learning — maybe even LOVE IT!

Well, now that you’ve learned science supports EET’s claim that happiness is a key element of long-term weight loss and fitness success, –what will you do?    Waste precious TIME believing you must suffer, struggle, sacrifice and starve to lose weight?  Continue to think EET is trying to force you to only eat carbs when they are perfect for your metabolism?  That EET requires painful exercise for success?   Those thoughts should continue to produce results like these :

,long term weight loss impossible eet slide


OR maybe you can be like great EETers who understand The EET Timing Diet has has NO RULES only guidelines (Go read the intro to EET’s Book –it’s FREE)   and EET lets YOU decide the timing  to eat whatever you want in whatever amount you need — in  ANY situation– why?  So you can be HAPPY on your EET plan and succeed!   The choice is yours, but EET certainly wants to help everyone put SCIENCE ON THEIR SIDE — and that’s exactly what EET’s Guidelines do.  

One final note:  The many clinical studies we’ve covered in the last few weeks have barely scratched the surface of what EET has discovered about the power of Eating (and Exercise) Timing.  You’ll have the chance to see some specifics for yourself with EET’s  New Personal Training Guide, coming very very soon.

You can read more about The Happiness Advantage Here:

The Happiness Advantage –

New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful

Watch for more details of EET’s new Personal Training Guide, as well as announcements of more long-term EETers who will be part of the EET community to help you very very soon.

  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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