Learn The EET Timing Diet For FREE At The EET Community – Starting TODAY!

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Yesterday EET Fitness announced that we will be offering our new EET Timing Diet Personal Training Guide for FREE on October 15.  You can  read all the details here.  Today, we’d like to invite you to join The EET Community on Facebook .  We’ll be adding new content and experienced EETers will be there to share ideas and support starting TODAY.

EET personal training guide cover

We can get the Personal Training Guide to you anonymously via a PDF download, but if you want to communicate in The EET Community, for now, you’ll have to be on Facebook and ask to join The EET Exchange (the EET Communities group page).   Don’t worry, we won’t hit you up to buy anything!  Also, please know that you can exit the EET Community at any time–you are always in control.

We hope to make your FREE registration worthwhile with quality information and ideas to help you learn how the EET Timing Diet works.  Plus, as promised in many blog posts over the last few weeks, many experienced EETers are already members of the Community, and dozens of the most knowledgable and successful EETers have agreed to participate, so you can talk to people who have experienced The EET Timing Diet for years.

EET community rules discliamer oct 2014

The EET Timing Diet has no rules, but the EET Community does!  It’s all about keeping things positive! 

We’re Starting Today!

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There’s no reason to wait for the release of EET’s  Personal Training Guide to start sharing ideas and information so we can all get to know and trust each other, so, from today forward, we hope to get some meaningful communication started with some sneak previews from The Personal Training Guide!  

So, if you’re interested in meeting real EETers and seeing details about a completely different way of thinking about weight loss, fitness and your relationship with food that we believe can change your life for the better in many ways, head on over to The EET Community.  You’ll be glad you did.


eet mission

Watch for more details of EET’s new Personal Training Guide, to be released THIS MONTH!

  Note:  If you’re not on Facebook but want to participate in The EET Community or have other questions contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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