STUDIES – ALL MYTHS: Gluten Sensitivity, Organic Food Healthier, Glycemic Index, MORE

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This post will have experts and food snobs frantically clicking and tapping away,  preparing their lists of studies to show EET just how wrong all the MAJOR scientific studies presented here are.  Okay, fire away, but understand that EET is a TIMING Diet, so we don’t really care if you want to go Gluten Free, all organic, or avoid “addictive” refined sugar, you can actually “turbocharge” those diets by  TIMING them and still succeed with EET!   We just want you to stop telling others they HAVE to eat like you do to succeed because there is major science that is definitely not on your side!  

With that said, if you still want to debate science with EET, be warned:  Be sure to bring your clinical studies to disprove the two scientifically proven FACTS EET cares about most that we share at the end of this post. No one’s been able to produce a SINGLE STUDY to refute these two facts (while we’ve got 100’s in our arsenal), so we’ve never even had to debate them.  But who knows, maybe you’ll be the first!

Clinical Research By The Foremost Authorities:  All Wrong?

The cartoon above from The New Yorker says a lot.  So do these blog post titles:

Researchers Who Provided Key Evidence For Gluten Sensitivity Have Now Thoroughly Shown That It Doesn’t Exist

and then there’s this…..

Science Proves Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Real, People Are Just Whiners

But clever cartoon and bloggers are far from the only headlines worth reading — check these out — and be sure to note their sources.  These are not the opinions of EET Fitness, or bloggers trying to get hits, these are from heavyweights in the world of scientific research – 2nd slide shows some of the actual studies–rest assured there are more:

gluten myth headlines

studies that shatter weight loss myths

But,  Aren’t There Studies That Prove All This Stuff is Real?

Yes, actually there are.  In most cases, it’s not as credible of sources as the above studies, but there is definitely scientific evidence to support gluten sensitivity, organic food health benefits, food addictions and the Glycemic Index.  So what are you supposed to believe?  What can you be sure of when science can defend both sides of an issue?  In those cases, EET looks for what works for each dieter, because, as we said, EET is a TIMING DIET, so each dieter can choose what sort of foods they choose to eat, and the best part about EET is you can change your mind whenever you like (maybe you read a new study! 🙂 ).  Time a Gluten Free Week this week, go whole grains and low fat next week.  We don’t judge foods — we TIME them!  In fact we have told you on multiple occasions EET Believes (and science supports) :

There are NO Unhealthy Foods, Only Unhealthy TIMES

This EET foundational concept is an oasis of stress free eating in a world of conflicting scientific confusion.

BUT, There are Two FACTS SCIENCE Says You Can Be Sure About: 

nejm carbs futilelong term weight loss impossible eet slide

Study after study after study after study after study after study proves these two facts.  We’ve been searching for over six years and cannot find a single study to refute these two facts.  As the quotes above confirm, obesity experts are now on board with their conclusions that, indeed, these are FACTS, not opinions.

The EET Timing Diet is built on these two facts, and this is why we say EET puts (irrefutable) SCIENCE on your side.  If somebody shows up while I’m eating my carb-laden pizza and ice cream and presents a stack of studies going back 30+ years that supports a statistically significant population can give up carbs or lose a bunch of weight and keep it off using a diet with rules for deprivation and restrictions for 5 years or more EET will learn about it.  Then we’ll study to see how this new data effects our cornerstone beliefs and adjust our plan accordingly.

We don’t see that happening, but I guess you never know.  I’m sure the gluten-free, organic, food addiction and glycemic index zealots thought their answers were fully science-backed too.  But now, they have been proven wrong.  At the least their claims have been thrown into grave doubt.  The question is, will any of those experts (or food snobs) be focused enough on helping dieters (or their family members) succeed to at least stop trying to force their questionable views on others without full disclosure of very credible science and research with the opposite conclusion?  At least one obesity expert EET admires looked at the research and did so back in 2009:

Other than that, to date, all we see and hear is more debating, and more obesity and worse fitness.  Dieters who are looking to shut out the noise and find answers can look at the EET Timing Diet and see just how clear and focused your plan for weight loss and fitness can be.

EET’s new Personal Training Guide is FREE and on schedule to be released October 15, 2014.  You can get ahead of the curve by joining the discussion at The EET Community today!    EETers have already started replying to Today’s discussion topic which is this (go HERE to check out the discussion already in progress!):

Discussion Topic For Mon Oct 6: One of the most common things I hear people who really want to reach their weight and fitness goals say is:

“I know what I have to do, I just need to DO IT!”

So, what are some of the things you are sure you must do to reach your goals?? (whether you use EET or not). Again- please read the Community Guidelines on the post below to help our discussion be really helpful to all!

  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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