Nobel Prize Research Explains Weight Loss, Fitness Through EET’s Brain Triggers

brain neurons firing

Maybe you were eating ice cream when you first heard your favorite song on the radio, and now that melody runs through your head whenever you have ice cream.  In your brain, these two events are connected once and for all, and you won’t easily forget them.  Just as a spider-web trembles as a whole when you touch one part of it, so the whole network of neurons gets excited when only one part of the neural pathways transmits messages.

Erwin Neher, Biophysicist and 1991 Nobel Prize Winner.  From Neher’s Essay in The Nobel Book Of Answers.

Brain Function Research – A BIG Part of The EET Fitness Plan and Timing Diet

Doesn’t it bother you that you really want to lose weight and become more fit, but there’s something inside you standing in your way?  Sure as hell bothers me, because I really want to help dieters who have struggled for years get past it.  It also fascinates me that I still struggle with it personally, even though I’ve successfully surpassed my goals for years!  But, thanks to years of EET Learning Timing (Guideline #8) I’ve made great progress in unraveling this mystery.  Here’s one of my discoveries:

 The vast majority of dieters seem to think all the wrong things at all the wrong times.

EET Fitness is on a mission to see that change, so dieter’s long-term results can change.   Six years ago, I realized I wasn’t going to find answers maxing on the bench press or shopping at Whole Foods, so I started studying how and why we think and behave the way we do.  It paid off in ways I never imagined.

We all know about the relationship Neher describes in the quote at the start of this post.   His example describes a real physiological connection of nerves that creates a “brain trigger” by accident (ice cream and your favorite song).  Accidents cause triggers, but there is no doubt you make even more important brain triggers through experience.  And,with focused repetition, you have a lot more control over these connections than you think.  However,  if you are not aware of these triggers and don’t take control, they can work against you.  And these horrible triggers fire at the worst possible times.

Like the way you feel about dieting.  If you have consistently suffered, deprived and restricted yourself on diets, you have created a strong connection between dieting and the emotion of  hate.  The connection that you are going to live your life doing something you hate keeps triggering when you face diet challenges and makes dieting successfully nearly impossible–hey, wait–that sounds familiar –wonder if there’s a connection:

long term weight loss impossible eet slide

For many people, brain triggers for exercise are the same story.  Pain, boredom or even worse, injury.  Not exactly motivating thoughts coming from your brain to help keep you on track doing something that can be vital to weight loss and fitness success.

EET’S PAIN FREE GUIDELINES – Thoughts That Create New Brain Triggers “In The Moment”

This Nobel Prize worthy science should help you you understand why EET constantly reminds dieters to only focus on our Timing Principles and Pain-Free Guidelines.  We know what you’re up against, and the EET Timing Diet is designed to help you build new, helpful triggers.   If not, your old brain triggers hardened through years of negativity, rules, restrictions, weight regain and failure that you want no part of will never let you out of the nightmare yo-yo diet cycle.  

EET can help you reprogram your brain by teaching you EET’s Guidelines.  We have many LONG TERM (3-5+ years) success stories that are living proof, and being totally honest, most of them haven’t scratched the surface of new connections they could be using for helpful triggers–they choose to stop learning when they reach their goals, which is a dangerous game in my humble opinion (as I discussed here back in 2010!).  But, maybe they created all the triggers they need.  Time will tell.  

EET’s message to all dieters is clear:  Just a few changes in your thinking can create new brain triggers that can do amazing things that truly change physical connections in your brain. Over time, this will change your behavior PAINLESSLY.  At least that’s what science taught me, and that’s how I developed EET’s Guidelines and got away from 20 years of yo-yo dieting.

cover art ice cream on side (1)

(Check out several Guidelines along with the list of EET’s Guidelines for FREE in the Look Inside Section HERE):

How are your current brain triggers working out for you in terms of your weight, fitness and relationship with food?  Maybe training to develop a few new connections (EET offers you 25 brain triggers with our Pain-Free Guidelines which are a great place to start) is a much more important exercise than spending that hour on the eliptical or the yoga studio?  That’s what my brain triggers tell me anyhow, and they haven’t let me down for over six years.

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EET’s new Personal Training Guide covers more of this stuff.  It’s FREE and on schedule to be released October 15, 2014.  You can get ahead of the curve by joining the discussion at The EET Community today!    EETers have already started replying to Today’s discussion topic which is this (go HERE to check out the discussion already in progress!):

Discussion Topic For Tuesday Oct 7:  What is it exactly that you dislike about dieting and exercise?

Again- please read the Community Guidelines on the post below to help our discussion be really helpful to all!

  Questions?  Contact us at     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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