3 Truths About EET Exercise Timing That Can Change Your Life

exercise timing metabolic considerations

The EET Timing Diet is different from any diet you’ve ever tried, and nowhere could the differences be bigger than EET’s approach to exercise and WHEN you do it.  Here are 3 exercise truths from EET Fitness to prove our point. 

TRUTH 1)  Your eating timing has a huge influence on your exercise timing.

Oh sure there are metabolic considerations you’ll want to learn as shown in the chart above, but we don’t even need to go all scientific to prove the power of Timing.  Here’s simpler proof when you eat has a huge influence on your exercise (and vice versa!!): 

Imagine eating 4-5 slices of pizza 15 minutes BEFORE an intense cardio workout:

eating before exercise

Now imagine eating the same 4-5 slices of pizza 15 minutes AFTER an intense cardio workout:

eating after exercise

Same food, same exercise in both situations, only difference is EATING AND EXERCISE TIMING.  Do you see any difference in your exercise performance and satisfaction with your food based on the TIMING of the pizza and exercise?  EET sure does.  

TRUTH 2)  Simply changing the Timing creates COMPLETELY different workouts and can create completely different results. 

Again, let’s start with simple:  In running there is sprinting and jogging.  The difference?  TIMING.  Think your results might be different if you do a jogging workout vs a sprinting workout?  (Don’t assume one is better than the other, that depends on TRUTH 3 below).  But, changing the timing of the exercise (also known as intensity) is just scratching the surface.  EET designs programs that change timing in many many other ways:  Time of total workout, Time of each set, Time of Each rep, Time of rest between each set, Time of rest between each circuit, and a whole lot more.  Every one of these TIMING changes can have a profound impact on your short and long-term results. 

TRUTH 3)  If you clearly define your TIME FRAME, your approach and use of exercise for weight loss and fitness changes dramatically.

Simple, simple, simple.  Somehow no one else ever seemed to come up with it though, and we have a yo-yo exercise epidemic that rivals the yo-yo diet epidemic, both of which are major causes of the obesity and poor fitness epidemic.  EET follows TRUTH 3 by recommending the following approach to all exercise efforts:

exercise timing 5 years

So there are 3 Truths about Exercise Timing you can consider as you build your weight loss and fitness program, and we didn’t even have to get into the additional Truths we’ve discovered about whole metabolic thing to show you the power of Exercise Timing.  Or you can keep believing conventional “wisdom” (definitely not science!!) that when you work out doesn’t matter, that it’s all simply about calories in-calories out, 90 day transformations and “no pain, no gain”.  We can’t force you to believe anything.  All EET can do is show you the truth and let you decide for yourself.   

cover art ice cream on side (1)

(Check out several Guidelines along with the list of EET’s Guidelines for FREE in the Look Inside Section HERE):


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EET’s new Personal Training Guide covers more of this stuff.  It’s FREE and on schedule to be released October 15, 2014.  You can get ahead of the curve by joining the discussion at The EET Community today!    EETers have already started replying to Today’s discussion topic which is this (go HERE to check out the discussion already in progress!):

Discussion Topic For Tuesday Oct 8 :  What are some of your best “go to” meals and snacks for low carb TIMES?

Again- please read the Community Guidelines on the post below to help our discussion be really helpful to all!

  Questions?  Contact us at  eetfit@gmail.com     Click here if you want to sign up for EET.


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