Proof You’re ONE THOUGHT Away From Reaching Your Weight Loss And Fitness Goals


Can one single thought change your life?  Absolutely.  About seven years ago, one thought led to my discovery of The EET Fitness Plan, and I’ve been on The EET Timing Diet ever since. That thought is below, but first, so you know it’s not just me, here are actual SINGLE thoughts from others that have led to complete transformations in their weight, fitness and relationship with food:

  • I’ve got 90 days to get my a1C down or they start me on insulin shots.
  • He said he left me for another woman because I let myself go
  • I’m at 90% artery blockage.
  • My triglycerides are at 500
  • I’ve got to lose 25 pounds before they can do the surgery
  • They were laughing at me at the restaurant and I heard what they said about me
  • The Doctor said my cancer had a lot to do with my weight

Does this prove the power of ONE THOUGHT to you?  What would happen in your life if you believed one of those thoughts about you?  My guess based on actual experience is that your food addictions would instantly disappear, your cravings would somehow become a lot less powerful, and your desire to become active and exercise would skyrocket.  Depending on your yo-yo diet history, you’d probably spend a lot of time and money seeking the fastest results to reach your new TOP PRIORITY goal(s).  

And you’d see fast and dramatic results.  All because of one single thought that is so powerful, it stays plastered in the front of your thinking and you finally refuse to let “life get in the way” to keep you from your goals.

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More Thoughts On One Thought

There’s no doubt all of us are a single thought away from the dramatic weight and fitness transformation we’re seeking.  However, this reality raises two huge questions:

1)  Is it a good approach to wait for a painful, horrible, life changing thought to be the motivation that drives me to a transformation?

2)  Even if a horrible thought makes me want to fully commit to change, will the changes last over a long time?

Though there are rare exceptions, for most, once you get your triglycerides down from 500 to 100, or once you slim down and find a new man who loves you for who you are vs the two-timing bastard, new thoughts start to creep in, and your transformation doesn’t last.  The power of TIME, FOOD and RELAXATION are simply too strong.  You focused on a single thought to create your transformation, and it only takes one new single thought, that the transformation is no longer your top priority, to watch your transformation completely reverse itself over time.

Science tells us that for most people, the impact of one powerful thought for a transformation can be sustained for about 2 and no more than 5 years.  If you’re interested in some of the specific science and research that provides overwhelming proof, we’re happy to share it.  Write us at


My Personal 7 Year Transformational Thought

I was very lucky that I never had to face any horrible thoughts that drove me to a transformation.   I was just a really frustrated yo-yo dieter.  So frustrated that my single transformational thought was exactly the opposite.  It was a joyful thought that has been easy to keep as a top priority for all these years:

None of these plans that ask me to be miserable by depriving and restricting myself, or require painful exercise will ever last for me, so I will never again feel forced to follow their rules.

That single thought INSTANTLY transformed me.  I didn’t need to see a single pound lost or health marker improve.  Instead, I got a better transformation.  I was freed from everything I ever thought I knew about weight loss and fitness, because none of it worked for me since it never lasted.    I was forever free to try whatever I wanted, including a diet that always kept my happiness as a priority so I could stay with it!

This led to a second thought that is still my driving force to this day:

I’ll commit to learning all I can about what truly works for weight loss and fitness that can last a lifetime.   That will be my plan for life, and I’ll live with the results whatever they may be.

Six and a half years later, I am still happily following The Pain-Free Guidelines of the EET Timing Diet.  My weight loss has been sustained below my original goal weight, and my fitness level is well beyond my expectations.  

The choice is always yours:  wait for horrible thoughts to drive you into painful plans for transformations that almost never last, or adopt EET’s guiding thought of Pain-Free works for me!  Learn through EET what can work for YOU for life, and replace your horrible, painful thoughts with EET’s Pain-Free Guidelines.  They are built on finding a comfortable, manageable process that can lead you to long-term weight loss, fitness and an amazing relationship with food.

But the only thing that matters is:  What do YOU think?  It’s proven that your next thought may be the one that changes everything.


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EET’s new Personal Training Guide covers more of this stuff.  It’s FREE and on schedule to be released October 15, 2014.  You can get ahead of the curve by joining the discussion at The EET Community today!    EETers have already started replying to Today’s discussion topic which is this (go HERE to check out the discussion already in progress!):

Discussion Topic For Monday October 13, 2014:  Your thoughts on my 10 reasons I carry a water bottle with me at all times.

Again- please read the Community Guidelines on the post in the community to help our discussion be really helpful to all!

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(Check out several Guidelines along with the list of EET’s Guidelines for FREE in the Look Inside Section HERE):


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