EET Challenged By Expert re: Metabolic Timing’s “Free Lunch” – Real Weight Loss Case Study

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CASE STUDY 1  Can EET truly deliver a “Free Lunch” using Metabolic Timing?  Respected expert question/comment:

I think the metabolic timing aspect is the “free lunch” in the EET program and is not fully understood, incorporated, exploited or emphasized…here is a disconnect / opportunity :  Your plan essentially says skip breakfast and substitute a light brunch in order to allow the body to burn fat in the morning when glycogen stores are low.  Conversely, the article you sent me on the study at Tel Aviv University had participants eat a large breakfast…So is it no breakfast or big breakfast?  I don’t think there is necessarily a right/wrong here, but I think there is an opportunity to better understand the metabolic timing science and use it to simplify the overall program.  

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EET’s Reply:  

The studies on timing always include a larger breakfast because there are other studies that say a big breakfast leads to weight loss (SHORT TERM AS USUAL –  SHEESH!!), and then, especially in the case of the most dramatic timing results, phased down carbs later in the day and into nighttime.  That’s ideal metabolic timing–BUT NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE THIS WAY — and everyone who tries it fails LONG TERM — BEHAVIORAL TIMING overrules metabolic timing every single time.  Period.

This is why EET suggests delaying carbs at breakfast (more details in this video).  There’s also some science that justifies delaying carbs:  that you can burn more fat if you don’t get carbs in the way, and delaying carbs is the perfect set up for fat burning exercise before lunch, but that’s all secondary to building a diet plan you can actually adhere to for 5 years or more.  It’s challenging enough to eat a high carb lunch then phase down carbs and all but eliminate them at night to enter “EET Transformation or Fat Loss Time”, but it’s doable.  

Good luck eating your last carbs at 8 AM and not eating high glycemic carbs the rest of the day– maybe you can do it (which would make you a scientific freak of nature) , but I want no part of it–I love my carbs at all times of day too much!  That’s why you want to embrace the behavioral side of The EET Timing Diet and get away from your primary focus on metabolic benefits–those are easy to learn and achieve once you understand how to manage your behavior longer term.

I learned early on that there is a lot more to life than metabolic timing, which is where the other 7 types of timing emerged.  On SOME nights you go low carb, and on other nights you indulge, and you have to be very flexible and practice diligently to make Timing work over an extended period – but the good news is you’re eating without restriction while you learn–so it can be an awesome learning process!  Despite weight loss and fitness success well beyond my original goals,  I am still learning, practicing and improving after nearly 7 years so I know of what I speak!  


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