EET Disagrees w Expert On Tracking Calories, Weight Loss, Fitness Results Over Time – Case Study 2

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CASE STUDY 2  Does tracking your calories, exercise, weight loss, weight gain and other metrics make you more likely to succeed over time?

Expert Comment:

I’ve been tracking and charting my weekly calories, exercise and  weight for many years and currently have about 9yrs of history to reference.  This has been instrumental in my managing my results, though I will admit I would feel better if I could drop my current weight range by about 10-15 pounds.

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EET’s Reply: 

For the last 3-4 years I have tracked NOTHING other than my weight- -not even my weekly planning, as recommended by EET’s Guideline 14 (pic above).  I designed EET to become 2nd nature like “muscle memory”.  I diligently practiced for the first 2-3 years and now trust EET’s Guidelines will come to mind to help me make decisions consistent with my goals in challenging situations when needed — so far, so good.  

This is also true of EET’s several clients who have successfully lost significant amounts of weight for over 5 years (again what science considers nearly impossible).  They no longer rely on any formal tracking or planning system – just EET’s “official weigh-ins”.  To me this is compelling evidence that you can “retrain your brain” to make EET’s Guidelines second nature through focus and repetition over time.  This is important because no tracking of anything is a key component of being “off” a diet.  When you can live your life the same way ON your diet, you have greatly reduced the risk of yo-yo dieting and your chances of long term success skyrocket.


My experience (personally and with my clients) is required tracking tends to do more harm than good over time both physically and emotionally.  Dieters tend to track diligently while things are going well, but don’t want to track the fact we didn’t exercise along with the calories and weight gain caused by the 20 powdered sugar donuts and 2 liters of soda we drank during last night’s binge.


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